The legend lives!

Nostalgia-lovers nearly had a meltdown when Nickelodeon announced it was reviving Legends of the Hidden Temple, the classic '90s TV show, giving it a new spin by making it a movie. And now, we have our first trailer for the revival, which first debuted during the network's Back to the '90s panel at Comic-Con on Saturday.

"For years, the Temple has been hidden," the voice-over says. "It's walls forever sealed." Until now, as it seems the Hidden Temple is now a theme park. (We want to go to there.) 

Starring original host Kirk Fogg and Isabela Moner, Colin Critchley and Jet Jurgensmeyer, The Legends movie follows three siblings who embark on their own adventure while taking a jungle tour. They find themselves competing in a series of obstacles to stay alive. And yes, fans can expect to see the Steps of Knowledge, green monkey, red jaguar, silver snakes and more nods to the TV series.

Hidden Temple isn't the only beloved '90s TV series being revived by Nick, as the network launched a programming block dedicated to shows from the decade on TeenNick, and is making a new Hey Arnold movie. 

The first look at the Hey Arnold movie, called Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie, was also unveiled at Comic-Con, and it featured Arnold, Gerald, Helga, Grandpa, Phoebe and Abner.

Legends of the Hidden Temple will air this fall on Nickelodeon.

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