Mila Kunis Spills on the Pressures of Motherhood: "There's No Such Thing as Balance"

Bad Moms star opens up about her second pregnancy

By Francesca Bacardi Jul 19, 2016 7:21 PMTags
Watch: Mila Kunis Spills on Pressure of Motherhood

Mila Kunis is gearing up for baby No. 2, but she isn't stressing out about balancing two kids, her work and her marriage.

"There's no such thing as balance," she tells E! News at the premiere of Bad Moms in New York City. "It doesn't exist."

Kunis, who is already mom to daughter Wyatt with Ashton Kutcher, is just taking it easy for the remainder of her pregnancy. While in NYC, the That 70s Show alum tells us she has been actually enjoying the humidity and the weather that has taken over the city, even though she's pregnant!

"I love humidity. I'm one of those weird people that loves being hot, so I'm not complaining," she adds. "My hair doesn't love it as much as I do, but I took a beautiful walk around New York City today, drank lots of water and stayed hydrated, but I loved every minute of it."

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Speaking of hair, Kunis debuted a very different hairstyle than fans are normally used to seeing. Rather than have her long locks draping over her shoulder, Kunis opted for a brand-new bob! Don't worry. She didn't cut it—she had it pulled back. As for why she opted for a new look, Kunis tells E! News, "It's really humid outside, and I have really curly hair, so I didn't want to deal with the frizz."

She adds, "I didn't do this. A professional who got paid a lot of money did this, so this isn't me."

Although Kunis and Kutcher got together long after That 70s Show came to an end, Kunis told Howard Stern that growing up separately definitely helped them come together in the long run. Though they had known each other since Kunis was 15 years old, it took some growing up to realize their happily ever after. "We would never be together based on the people that we used to be," she told the radio host.

A marriage and one child (and one on the way!) later, these two have proven that sometimes waiting works out for the best.

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