Scream Queens Scoop: Who's Getting Naked With John Stamos in Season 2?

Exclusive: Glen Powell teased the Fox horror comedy's new season, debuting on Sept. 20, while promoting the DVD release of his film Everybody Wants Some

By Tierney Bricker Jul 12, 2016 5:30 PMTags
Watch: Glen Powell Dishes on "Scream Queens" Season 2!

Betcha we can get you to watch Scream Queens' second season with three words. Ready? Naked. John. Stamos. 

Boom, we're pretty sure your DVR just set itself. Yes, fans can look forward to John Stamos stripping down on the Fox hit series when it returns on Tuesday, Sept. 20, and he won't be alone, as returning star Glen Powell dished on his revealing scene with the Fuller House star, who will be playing Dr. Brock Holt, a brilliant, but secretive, head surgeon at the series' new hospital setting.

"All I can tell you is that I read a scene where John Stamos and I are not wearing clothes," Powell told E! News while promoting the DVD release of his baseball flick Everybody Wants Some, available for purchase today. "So I have to figure out my diet. I should probably not have a carb for a second because I don't want John Stamos to show me up."  

Can we just take a moment to convey our appreciation for Powell's carby sacrifices all in the name of pleasing our eyeballs? 

Taylor Lautner Joins Scream Queens Season 2

Oh look what I found.. @screamqueensfox

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Moving from a college setting to a hospital owned by Jamie Lee Curtis' Dean Munsch, who is "trying to treat really crazy, weird illnesses and diseases," Powell previewed that fans can expect a slightly darker tone. "It gets very dark and twisted. It's still got that weird campy element, and that bubble gum mentality, but it's really dark."

Fans were treated to their very first look at the darker season two by new star Taylor Lautner, who is also playing a doctor (hilariously and perfectly named Dr. Cassidy Cascade) on Tuesday, when he Instagrammed a photo of himself in front of a billboard for the new season. "Oh look what I found..," he captioned the pic, which features a head wrapped in bandages. The poster reads, "Oh. My. Gauze." 

Along with Powell and Curtis, set to return from season one of the campy horror series are Emma Roberts, Lea Michele, Abigail Breslin, Keke Palmer, Billie Lourd, and Niecy Nash.

For more season two scoop from Powell, including details about his "bro night" out with Stamos, watch our interview with him above.

Scream Queens returns Tuesday, Sept. 20 at 8 p.m. on Fox. Everybody Wants Some is available on DVD in stores today (July 12). 

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