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Taylor Swiftand Tom Hiddleston are in love.

Just look at them! They're traveling the globe, awash in their mutual beauty and infatuation and unable to keep their hands off each other. There they are in Rhode Island, snogging on a rock. There they are in the UK, strolling on a beach hand-in-hand. There they are in Italy, wearing coordinated outfits as they tour Roman piazzas. There they are in Rhode Island again, snogging in the ocean. There they are in Australia, flying commercial because they love each other so much that they don't even need private jets to be comfortable.

Or are they?

One person's quickly-escalating celebrity relationship is another person's opportunity for a conspiracy theory. And Hiddleswift theories: There are many. People everywhere have pulled out their foil hats to try to get to the bottom of what's really going on here. Are they all valid? Of course not, they are crazy. But are they all entertaining? Certainly. Here, we evaluate.

Theory #1: The Music Video

Remember that time America believed for approximately one day that former 90210 star Jessica Lowndes was engaged to elderly comedian Jon Lovitz, only to be caught in an early April Fool's joke that was all an elaborate hoax for a music video? This one's kind of like that. These theorists believe that Taylor and Tom are not actually in a real relationship, but actually filming an incredibly expensive, multi-continent music video for her next single. 

They have a few facts on their side, like how all of the photographs from Hiddleswift's early relationship stages were taken by the same Paparazzi agency that no one had ever really heard of before. Or that Swift has released an album every other fall since 2006, meaning she's due for one in a few months and it would make sense that we were preparing a video now. Or there's the fact that her video for "Wildest Dreams" featured people pretending to be in a relationship. 

But is it valid? Okay, so it's hard to argue with the pattern. BUT we all know that Taylor Swift is nothing if not a classy, classy lady who, if she were filming a music video, certainly wouldn't let us all see it before it came out. She'd be keeping that s--t under wraps, so to speak, and not flaunting the filming all over the globe. Plus, it's not like she needs to give her albums publicity the way that a certain 90210 star certainly does. 

Theory #2: Tom Goes Major League

Tom Hiddleston is not new to Hollywood. But he is new to superstardom. He's toiled along in his very respectable world of indie movies and supporting blockbuster roles for years now. He's been a boyfriend to many an Internet admirer, but he had yet to become a true household name.

Well not anymore!

This theory takes the cynical viewpoint that he is simply wooing Taylor with his adorable British accent and striking jawline in order to lift his own star power, only to toss her to the side once he becomes more famous. Hey, we didn't say this one would give you butterflies.

But is it valid? Probably not. Tom went to Cambridge and the Royal Academy of the Dramatic Arts—those aren't exactly the credentials of someone aiming to be on the front page of TMZ every day. And isn't Taylor supposed to be the one gaining from all of her relationships, and not the other way around?

Theory #3: Taylor the Bond Girl

Would you believe if someone told you that Taylor Swift is just dying to be the next Bond girl, and that the best way she sees fit to make that dream come true is to cozy up to a rumored Bond casting possibility in hopes that the nepotism would get her the job should he actually be put in the movie?

Neither would we. Sorry, Bond girl truthers.

Theory #4: Idris Elba the Puppet Master

Let's journey back to the first Monday in May. The Met Gala. Taylor Swift and one Idris Elba were co-chairs of the event, which just so happens to be the serendipitous occasion of Hiddleswift's first sparks. Now, legend has it that Elba is also up for the part of James Bond. If one were to attempt to dethrone Mr. Hiddleston from the running, one may want to ensure that he finds himself swept up in a raucous media circus. After all, it's clear that being Bond requires a little bit of mystery and a whole lot of class, two things that get proportionally lowered when you're chased by paparazzi and traveling on private jets.

So, this theory goes as follows: Idris Elba actually introduced Taylor and Tom at the Met Gala, in hopes that they would hit it off, act completely gauche, and ruin Tom's chances of the big role. This would make Taylor and Tom but innocent players in his evil master plot.

But is it valid? Just when we were ready to completely debunk this one, Elba went and covered Interview magazine this week, looking ever the picture of 007 debonair. Consider us intrigued. 

Theory #5: The Kimye Drama

Did you know that the same day that Taylor and Tom were spotted kissing on those rocks for the very first time, Kim Kardashian's GQ interview dropped, in which she called out Taylor Swift for being a liar? Of course you don't, because all anybody was talking about that day was The Kiss.

For review purposes, the interview centered around the T.Swift mention in Kanye West's song "Famous," which Taylor was totally blindsided by. In the story, Kardashian claims that not only did Tay agree to the lyric beforehand, but she agreed to bait the paparazzi about the fake feud and the Kardashian-Wests even have an audio recording of said agreement. Whether or not this is true, that allegation is damning. So what's a girl to do? Create a diversion, duh.

But is it valid? We're not going to pick sides in the Tay-versus-Ye duel because it is fraught with emotion, but we will say that celebrities have been distracting the world with alternate stories for years. We will also say that Taylor Swift clearly has better things to do than worry about some silly fight in GQ. And yes, we know that is purposefully vague, but deal with it. We don't want to get swept up in the Illuminati, people.

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