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With the anniversary of Michael Jackson's death upon us, his estate is slamming new allegations against the late pop legend, calling the timing all too curious. 

According to new reports published by Radar Online this week, "never-before-seen" papers allegedly filed by the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office after the ranch raid in November 2003 claim Jackson stockpiled pornography. 

Kelly Hoover, a public information officer for the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office, maintains that they did not provide the website with any of the documents. 

"Some of the documents appear to be copies of reports that were authored by Sheriff's Office personnel as well as evidentiary photographs taken by Sheriff' Office personnel during the 2003 investigation, interspersed with content that appears to be obtained off the internet or through unknown sources. The Sheriff's Office did not release any of the documents and/or photographs to the media. The Sheriff's Office released all of its reports and the photographs as part of the required discovery process to the prosecution and the defense," she said in a statement to E! News.

"The photos that are interspersed appear to be some evidentiary photos taken by Sheriff's investigators and others are clearly obtained from the internet. The Sheriff's Office has not released any video footage from the Michael Jackson case to anyone other than the prosecution and the defense via the discovery process.  We can confirm the video footage posted on-line was taken by Sheriff's Office personnel during our service of a search warrant at Neverland Ranch in 2003. There is no indication that any of the material came from the Sheriff's Office and we are unsure of the source."

During his 2005 trial, authorities discovered Jackson owned conventional adult magazines like Playboy and Penthouse, but assert there was no child pornography among his belongings.

"There were photos of nude children but they weren't sexually graphic," Former Santa Barbara Senior Assistant District Attorney Ron Zonen, who worked for the prosecution during the case, told People. "They weren't children engaged in sexual activity and there was no child pornography. There were no videos involving children. There were videos that were seized but they were conventional adult sexually graphic material. No children involved." 

Furthermore, the deceased singer's estate refuted the claims and reminded that Jackson was found not guilty on all of his charges—including four counts of molesting a minor, four counts of intoxicating a minor in order to molest him and one count of attempted child molestation—during his trial over a decade ago. 

"Seven years ago this coming Saturday, the world lost an amazing artist and humanitarian devoted to helping children in need in all corners of the world. Michael Jackson's fans, including the Executors of his estate, prefer to remember the wonderful gifts Michael left behind instead of having to once again see his good name dragged through the mud by tabloid trash," the estate said in a statement to E! News. 

"Everything in these reports, including what the County of Santa Barbara calls 'content that appears to be obtained off the Internet or through unknown sources' is false, no doubt timed to the anniversary of Michael's passing. Those who continue to shamelessly exploit Michael via sleazy internet "click bait" ignore that he was acquitted by a jury in 2005 on every one of the 14 salacious charges brought against him in a failed witch hunt.Michael remains just as innocent of these smears in death as he was in life even though he isn't here to defend himself. Enough is enough."

Jackson's defense attorney Thomas Mesereau tells E! News, "The information is dated, exaggerated and irrelevant. It was all litigated in 2005. It was completely rejected by a jury 11 years ago. Prosecutors at Jackson's trial got their asses kicked."

Paris Jackson, Instagram


His only daughter, 18-year-old Paris Jackson, also came to her father's defense in light of the resurfaced allegations against him. 

"Unfortunately negativity will always sell. I urge you all to ignore the trash & the parasites who make a career trying to slander my father," she wrote on her Twitter account. "The most pure people are always torn down.. It will continue to be proven that my beloved dad has always been and forever will be innocent."

His older brother Jermaine Jackson echoed the sentiments of his family. 

"Let Michael rest in peace. Leave. Him. Alone," he tweeted Wednesday. "All available evidence, reports & exhibits shown to jurors in 2005. Found him not guilty. Unanimously."

—Additional reporting by Roxana Salcedo and Leanne Gutierrez

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