Selena Gomez, James Corden, Carpool Karaoke


Ginger shots, McDonalds cups and a rollercoaster ride— James Corden's newest Carpool Karaoke segment with Selena Gomez included a handful of unexpected props. 

While the newly released clip between the Late Late Night host and his pop star counterpart featured the typical song and danced expected of the beloved tradition, Corden was pulled from his comfort zone in more ways than one when he got of the car and took a whirl on the thrill ride with the "Same Old Love" singer. 

Much like seeing celebrities sing to their own music in the car, it's equally as entertaining to watch them order McDonalds, go to amusement parks and sit cross-legged in the passenger seat (we see you, Selena!). 

As fans may have been distracted watching Corden and Gomez jam out to Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" and expressing his desire for an elusive girl squad membership, there were a few other hidden items worthy of our attention. 

1. Ginger is a rumored singer's elixir. 

Bottoms up! When the two take matching shots of ginger and Corden writhes in horror, some may have wondered why anyone would put themselves through that kind of pain on purpose. Ginger has been a longtime alleged benefit to singers as it is a supposed natural remedy for sore throats and antiseptic. It's natural ability in fighting infections can be useful for performers who are constantly following hectic schedules, sleeping less and are prone to getting sick. 

2. She shouldn't be so surprised about those Coca Cola cup lyrics. 

Gomez told Corden she had heard from a fan that her lyrics were on Coca Cola cups, but it shouldn't strike the singer as surprising considering she is currently a face of the brand, having appeared in print campaigns and commercials for the beverage. 

3. This is not the first time Selena has ridden a rollercoaster with a celebrity pal. 

 The 23-year-old is a fan of the speedy tips and turns of the classic thrill ride. In addition to riding with Corden, she's been photographed in the front row of roller coasters with former beau Justin Bieber. Plus, there's always this throwback video of Gomez with her childhood friend Demi Lovato promoting the "Cool For the Summer" singer's previous concert. How's that for a wild ride into the past?  

4. Selena's mystery McDonald's order

There's a lot you can tell about a person by their order from the classic American fast food establishment. Gomez requested a "Number 7." While the McDonald's menu recently changed, we're pretty confident if you listen closely, you can hear the cashier say it's a spicy ten piece. A medium Coke and a medium french fry completed her lunch order. 

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