Kate Upton's Trainer Reveals the Bride-to-Be's "Total Badass" Diet and Fitness Routine

Ben Bruno describes how the model stays healthy even with a busy schedule

By Holly Passalaqua, Mike Vulpo Jun 07, 2016 8:18 PMTags

For many years, fans of Kate Upton would be quick to call the model and actress fit, healthy and a total beauty.

But when she's not posing in world-famous magazines or for designers on the red carpet, the 23-year-old is breaking a sweat in the gym with her trainer Ben Bruno. For more than eight months, the duo has established a routine that has proven to have positive effects. And with a wedding on the horizon, perhaps all the blood, sweat and tears could help when she says "I Do" to Justin Verlander.

"Her progress has been amazing. She trains harder than just about any client I've ever had. I've trained a lot of athletes and Kate trains as hard as anybody," Ben shared with E! News exclusively. "She's very dedicated, works hard and the other part too that kind of goes hand in hand with what we do in the gym is that she's got her eating on track. She's very disciplined with her eating. She's been great about limiting sugar."

What Kate isn't exactly skimping on is protein, which she tries to consume at every meal. Lots of vegetables and fruits are also included in her lifestyle while processed foods are much more limited.

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Ben also told E! News that Kate's favorite healthy meals are turkey meatballs and salad with chicken. And yes, the model enjoys a sweet treat every once in a while.

"She eats very well most of the time. Sometimes she splurges and when she does she just picks back up and keeps going," Ben confessed. "She eats treats but it's just about moderation…I don't want people thinking it's a diet. I want them to think it's a lifestyle."

Eating habits aside, Kate can be described as a "total badass" when she heads into the gym. According to Ben, the actress works out anywhere from 60 minutes to two hours five times a week. They focus on strength based circuit training and shy away from traditional cardio.

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"We do do cardio just not in the traditional sense. We do strength based circuit training. It's all weights," he explained. "We are doing weights and we are focusing on getting stronger. Kate's gotten really strong."

"She has transformed her body for the better," Ben continued. "She's definitely seen great results. She's getting stronger."

With the summer months upon us, Ben understands that his clients will likely be traveling and unable to train with him in person. Ultimately, the trainer makes sure Kate has everything she needs to continue her workout plan wherever she goes.

"The main thing is that Kate enjoys pushing herself and she's very dedicated to it. She definitely works her ass off. People who don't see the behind the scenes, they don't see what goes into her looking the way she looks. It's just good old fashion sweat," he shared. "There is no magic in the program we do or really any program it's just really consistency , it's hard work. It's focusing on your performance in the gym, focusing on actually getting stronger and being disciplined in your eating."

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