Turn on a fan because the chemistry between Joe Jonas and Ashley Graham is on fire. 

When DNCE's "Toothbrush" music video made its debut, fans couldn't resist blushing while watching the band's frontman make sweet—ahem—music with the model in the sheets.

The brunette stunner, who is a former Sports Illustrated Swimsuit covergirl and body image activist, was just as surprised to learn she was the leading love interest of the new clip. 

"I talked to the director the night before and I was like, "So, how many other girls are going to be in the video?' because I thought it was going to be similar to 'Cake by the Ocean' and they said, 'Ashley, you are the only girl in the video,'" she described to E! News.

"Then I got nervous and excited and I was pacing and I was like, 'That means we're going to kiss, that means that I'm going to be in bed.'" 

Joe Jonas, Ashley Graham, "Toothbrush"

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The casting also meant reaching a milestone for women of all sizes, particularly in an industry where most women cast in music videos typically fit one kind of body type. However, though excited, Graham didn't anticipate the kind of reaction that was in store. 

"I knew that putting me in the music video was going to get some buzz, but I had no idea the buzz it was really going to bring," she admitted. "I applaud DNCE for making that statement that love comes in all shapes and sizes and I think it's really important to talk about. I think it's important to showcase what a real relationship might look like on camera."

When the director called action, the brunette beauty was nervous at first, but settled into the role with the middle Jonas brother at her side. 

"Joe was good," she said of his kissing. "It was fun and we made it really easy. He's so professional. He's so great and a little cutie patootie."


When she's not busy starring in music videos, Graham is taking in the excitement of her brand new swimsuit launch with Swimsuits For All—the first ever in her lengthy fashion career. 

As this year's Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover model, the professional poser knows a thing or two about how to get the curves you were born with in prime condition just in time for the sunshine. 

"I work out a lot. I think right before swimsuit season, I kick it into gear just a little bit more. If I get my squats and my lunges in, I feel accomplished because for me, it's all about keeping the lower half really tight," she described. However, don't think for a second maintaining a bikini body means major dieting for this model. 

"I don't really restrict myself from food. I'm the kind of girl where if I say, 'Okay, I'm not having fries all week,' I'm going to eat fries every day, so I just have it every once in a blue moon and I feel like it's my reward, it's an okay thing and I'm not holding myself back."

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