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Caution! This article contains spoilers from the latest Game of Thrones episode, "Book of the Stranger." Proceed at your own risk!

What a mixture of emotions!

Our reactions to tonight's episode of Game of Thrones ranged everywhere from yes to no to sad tears to the happiest tears we've ever cried, ending with a huge round of applause. It was actually kind of exhausting.

First, the good news!

Our fears from last week were put to rest when Jon didn't actually leave Castle Black, meaning he was there when Sansa, Brienne, and Podrick arrived, which meant that we got a VERY long-awaited Stark family reunion between Jon and Sansa.

It was actually sweet as hell, even if they couldn't quite agree on what to do next. Jon just wanted to get out, but he didn't want to fight anymore, or be responsible for any more deaths. Sansa wanted to head straight back to Winterfell to take back their home from the Boltons.

She didn't yet know that Roose was dead, but she found out when Jon received a letter from Ramsay that detailed exactly what he planned to do to Jon and his friends and family if Sansa was not returned to him. There was rape involved, and murder, and eyeball scooping. You know, Ramsay's usual jams. They probably would have ignored the letter if it didn't' also reveal that Rickon was locked up in a dungeon, so it seems that Jon Snow's days of fighting are not yet over.

Game of Thrones


Elsewhere, Jorah and Daario finally tracked down Dany, but she wasn't yet ready for them to save her. First, she had to face her judgment in front of the Khals. They detailed their plans to let her be raped by anyone and everyone (including the horses), but she just smiled back at them, before flipping over a few fire pits in their direction.

Soon, the whole building was up in flames, killing all of the Dothraki leadership inside. Khaleesi emerged from the flames, naked (because of course), and the entire city bowed before her. Hell, we almost bowed with them. It was awesome.

Now, for the bad news. Ramsay's still unbelievably horrible, as seen in that letter, but the letter wasn't his only sin tonight. He also killed Osha by stabbing her in the neck after she did her best to manipulate him, while we lamented the fact that we can't throw things through our TV screens.

Theon also finally returned home tonight, but didn't exactly get a warm welcome from Yara, since she believed him to be dead. She gave him quite a bit of crap for betraying her, after all the men she sent to rescue him. She accused him of only coming back to claim the crown after his father's death, and it pretty much sucked all the way around.

Game of Thrones


In other news tonight, Littlefinger is now on his way with Robin Arryn to save Sansa, and Tyrion has taken matters in Meereen into his own hands, offering the neighboring slave masters a deal to stop supporting the Sons of the Harpy.

Meanwhile, Cersei and Jaime are working on a plan with the Tyrells to get rid of the High Sparrow once and for all, while Margaery is determined to keep herself and Loras from totally falling apart as he tries to torture them with guilt.

That was really just an awesome episode that gave us so many things we almost forgot we were even waiting for, and we're beginning to think this season might be our favorite one of all.

What did you think? Sound off on Twitter or in the comments below!

Game of Thrones airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on HBO.

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