Dorothy Wang Denies Dating French Montana, Morgan Stewart & Brendan Fitzpatrick Argue & More: 7 Shocking #RichKids Moments!

See what happened on the season four premiere of the E! show

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Dorothy Wang spilled secrets about her love life on Sunday's season four premiere of #RichKids of Beverly Hills.

On the episode, Dorothy slammed the rumors about her dating French Montana, calling them "absolutely false." And not only did she deny dating French, but she also revealed she's really been dating an NBA player.

"I've been dating someone since the summer and his name is Quincy, he is a basketball player," Dorothy explained.

But then on the episode, Dorothy is approached by someone who tells her that the basketball star has been "seeing someone else" and she starts to question their relationship.

In other relationship news, Morgan Stewart and fiancé Brendan Fitzpatrick had an explosive argument while wedding planning on Sunday's episode! What happened?

Take a look at the recap below to find out about Morgan and Brendan's argument, Dorothy's love life and more shocking moments from the season four premiere of #RichKids of Beverly Hills!

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1. Dorothy Says She's "So Fat":

Dorothy is having dinner with Morgan, EJ Johnson and Jonny Drubel when she tells them that she's "so fat" and "doesn't know what to do." See her squad's reaction in the video above!

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2. EJ Johnson Reveals How Much Weight He's Lost Since His Surgery:

Since having gastric sleeve surgery back in 2014, EJ has been working hard to stay healthy and in shape. In the video above, EJ and his friend Drew have a workout session with trainer Cindy and the trio works up a sweat while dancing.

At the end of the clip, EJ even reveals how much weight he's lost since his surgery. Watch the clip to find out how much he's lost!

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3. Jonny Learns One of His Former Partners Tested "Positive for HIV":

Jonny turns to Morgan for support when he learns one of his former partners tested "positive for HIV." When he learns the news, Jonny visits the Los Angeles LGBT Center to get tested and Morgan joins him.

After he's tested, Jonny learns that the results are "negative."

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4. EJ Slams Rumors He's Transitioning:

While visiting EJ's new apartment, Dorothy asks him about "comments" that were written about him online.

"Apparently your friends...we're all very concerned that you're too skinny," Dorothy tells him.

EJ laughs and tells her that people will even comment on his social media telling him, "I liked you before."

"I was like, 'Well it's not really about you, like if I wanna look this way, deal with it,'" EJ says.

He then slams the rumors about him transitioning and says "everyone needs to have a seat."

Watch the video above to see what else he said about the rumors!

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5. Dorothy Denies French Montana Dating Rumors:

This past summer, Dorothy and the new #RichKids cast member Bianca Espada went on tour with French Montana.

"I have friends from San Diego that happen to be friends with French and his friends," Bianca explained on the show.

"They were going on tour and we told them we've never been on a tour before and they said, 'Why don't you come?'" Dorothy said. "We decided to do the Texas leg of the tour because it was just close enough for us to glam in Los Angeles before we flew out and still be glam by nighttime...logistics."

Though they had a good time on tour, rumors started to spread that Dorothy and French were dating.

"The rumors about me dating French Montana were absolutely false," Dorothy revealed.

She even said that while the rumors were happening she was actually talking to Quincy!

Dorothy explained, "When everyone kept saying that I was dating French Montana I was like, 'But I like Quincy! I'm talking to Quincy every day.'"

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6. Dorothy Hears a Rumor About Quincy:

While partying with EJ and Bianca, someone approaches Dorothy and tells her something about Quincy.

"Out of nowhere, someone I've never met before said Quincy has been seeing someone else and flying them out via helicopter to New Orleans," Dorothy revealed on the show.

Later on in the episode, Dorothy learns that the rumor isn't true, but she's still very "conflicted" about the relationship.

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7. Morgan & Brendan Have Explosive Argument While Wedding Planning:

With their wedding date approaching, Morgan and Brendan visit a catering company to test food for their reception. But while at the meeting with the catering company, the couple clash over the menu and it leads to an explosive argument.

When the meeting is over the couple heads to the parking lot and Brendan asks Morgan, "Do you think that what happened in there was OK? I don't need to come around for all this wedding planning if you're gonna treat me like s--t in front of strangers."

The argument is so extreme that Brendan tells Morgan he's going to Europe to meet with clients in the middle of their wedding planning.

At the end of the episode Morgan even revealed, "It definitely makes me question if we're really compatible, I don't really think now is the appropriate time for him to be leaving in the middle of us planning our wedding!"

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