Jonny Drubel

"#RichKids" Brendan and Jonny Get "Brotox"!

To avoid sweating up his shirt on his wedding day, the "#RichKids of Beverly Hills" star gets Botox with Johnny Drubel--and it's comical! Watch.

June 9, 2016

Jonny Drubel's Must-Have Items For a Wedding

You won't believe the crazy things the "#RichKids of Beverly Hills" star brings whenever he attends a wedding! Watch.

June 8, 2016

"#RichKids" Stars Share Proper Wedding Etiquette

Morgan Stewart, Brendan Fitzpatrick, Dorothy Wang and more "#RichKids of Beverly Hills" stars explain how the dos and don'ts at weddings! Listen in.

June 8, 2016


#RichKids of Beverly Hills' Jonny Drubel Reveals the Naughty Items He Brings to Weddings (Hint: Lube and Condoms!)

Watch to find out what other secrets the DJ keeps inside his tuxedo

June 8, 2016

#RichKids' Brendan Fitzpatrick Goes Wild in Cabo With Jonny Drubel for His Bachelor Party: ''Everyone Is Getting Turned Up!''

Plus, find out his sneaky plan to stay out of trouble with Morgan Stewart!

June 3, 2016

"#RichKids" Go Wild in Cabo for Brendan's Bachelor Party!

When Brendan, Jonny, Saachi and Ramez head to Mexico to party, there's no telling what will happen! See their crazy night on "#RichKids of Beverly Hills."

June 2, 2016

Hopping Mad Bianca Calls Dorothy Wang a "Monster"

The "#RichKids" star vents to Jonny Drubel about her fallout with birthday girl Dorothy while in Las Vegas. See the duo's convo on "#RichKids."

May 24, 2016

"#RichKids" Party Hard for Dorothy Wang's Birthday

After a terrible birthday last year, Dorothy and the "#RichKids" gang plan a major Vegas bash! Watch the "#RichKids of Beverly Hills" deleted scene.

May 23, 2016

Dorothy Wang Celebrates a Drama-Filled Birthday in Las Vegas, an Almost Elopement and More Must-See #RichKids Moments

Find out what happens when the squad travels to Sin City in the latest episode!

May 23, 2016

Morgan & Brendan Head to the Wedding Chapel to Elope?!

What happens in Vegas…stays on "#RichKids"! Will the bride-to-be really get married in Las Vegas? Watch.

May 19, 2016

Dorothy Wang Flips Over Bianca's Hired Security

Is the birthday girl overreacting about Bianca's body guard? See the duo go at it on "#RichKids of Beverly Hills"!

May 19, 2016

Is Wedding Planning Tearing Morgan and Brendan Apart?

The "#RichKids of Beverly Hills" star vents to BFF Jonny Drubel about planning her big day. See the emotional moment in this "#RichKids" deleted scene.

May 17, 2016

Brendan Fitzpatrick Flips Out and Tells Morgan Stewart to ''Just Shut the F--k Up'' on #RichKids: Watch the Explosive Clip!

Brendan completely loses his cool after learning Bianca Espada has been starting drama

May 13, 2016