Wendy Williams Thinks Rachel Roy Is Getting Paid by Beyoncé and Jay Z

TV show host explains how she feels about Lemonade

By Kendall Fisher Apr 25, 2016 4:01 PMTags

Wendy Williams isn't buying any of the lemonade that Beyoncé is selling.

While many people have speculated that "Becky with the good hair"—a lyric from Bey's new album—references Jay Z's alleged involvement with Rachel Roy, the daytime host called the whole thing into question during a taping of The Wendy Williams Show on Monday. In fact, she even insinuated the power couple paid off the fashion designer to take part in the drama in order to help sell more records.

"So Rachel Roy, first of all, you're not this fighting girl," Williams began. "Unless you're on Jay Z and Beyoncé's payroll, and they pay you to mix it up for I guess sales for the Lemonade."

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But that wasn't the only bit of critique Williams had for Queen B.

She continued, "Quite frankly, I wish Beyoncé had held off on the album after Prince. Like, the weekend had blown over. And Bill Cosby, don't get beside yourself. Long after prince is gone, and Beyoncé and Jay Z are still together, we are going to circle back around and still deal with you."

Williams also couldn't help but laugh at all the crazy measures the BeyHive has taken to slam Roy—including changing her Wikipedia page—but she really got a kick out of the fact that they keep confusing her for Rachael Ray.

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"They are swarming on our neighbor, Rachael Ray," Williams explained as she and the celeb chef share the same studio. "Similar name but not the same thing. Like, leave this white lady alone!"

The TV Host is referencing the BeyHive fans who have continued to swarm Ray's Instagram page with lemonade emojis and rude comments. "30 minute meal hoe," one wrote on Sunday afternoon. Another added, "Go caramelize SOME onions." (Yes, that is supposed to be an insult).

"Rachael is no dumbbell. She used the moment to put out a delicious recipe for lemonade," Williams concluded, adding. "So stupid. So stupid."

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