Pepsi 1893


Do you like vinyl and flannel and sepia filters and Arcade Fire?

Well then, you may be a hipster.

And if you're tired of the typical artisan whiskey tastings and Wes Anderson marathons you may want to branch out to a Pepsi 1893 party, because the soda makers have dropped a new beverage just for you.

As Uproxx brought to our attention, Pepsi's latest soft drink has finally hit shelves, and the new drank has some major old-timey vibes.

Gone are the days when you can only grab cola in a bright-colored cola can with gaudy labels.

Pepsi 1893 cans are black and gold, and the commercial features a refined "soda sommelier."

So fancy. For soda pop.

Are you into mixology?

Perfect. This artisinal, craft cola (which comes in original and ginger) includes kola nut extract, certified fair trade sugar, and sparkling water.

People of Silver Lake and Williamsburg, rejoice!

This soda pop with craft beer vibes will tickle your Civil War-era mustache while you sip away and take aerial Polaroids of your lunch of Kimchi Tacos and vegan cookies.

Pepsi 1893 doesn't come in a mason jar, but you may want to pour it into a mason jar, and drink up!

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