Kate Middleton, Hunger Games

E! Illustration

Who better to infiltrate the Capitol than someone from the inside? From the looks of her latest adventure, The Hunger Games' President Snow is no match for Princess Kate Middleton, who managed to try her hand at archery while wearing a dress and heels.

That's right! The Duchess of Cambridge channeled Katniss Everdeen, shooting a bow and arrow during her tour of India and Bhutan (where archery is named as their national sport).

Though Kate didn't appear to be quite as accurate as Katniss—even laughing at herself and appearing to apologize for her lack of skills—she looked good in her attempt and totally gave us heroine vibes. But let's be honest, she's always been a super woman in ours eyes.

In fact, we'd be stoked to see her playing a badass, bow-and-arrow-shootin' lady who saves the day in some of our favorite action flicks. Check it out:

Kate Middleton, Avengers

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Move aside, Jeremy Renner. We think Princess Kate would make an excellent addition to The Avengers family as a female version of Hawkeye.

Kate Middleton, Duchess Catherine of Cambridge, Game of Thrones

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With a British accent, royal ties and good looks, this is an obvious one! We didn't think we could love Game of Thrones any more, but we'd definitely hit a new level of obsession to watch the Duchess slay with a bow and arrow.

Kate Middleton, Duchess Catherine of Cambridge, The Walking Dead

E! Illustration

And speaking of popular television shows, Kate's archery skills could totally help take down some zombies in the Walking Dead. She just might have to get her hands a little dirty.

Kate Middleton, Duchess Catherine of Cambridge, Lord of the Ring

E! Illustration

Orlando Bloom doesn't hold a stick—er, should we say arrow?—to the Duchess of Cambridge. Throw her in a blonde wig and let's give her a go as Legolas!

Kate Middleton, Duchess Catherine of Cambridge, Brave

E! Illustration

If a live-action remake of Brave is ever created, Kate is definitely our pick to play Merida. Archery skills aside, the princess' determination to mark her own path and defy tradition (which we've seen through her fashion statements) proves she would make a great leading lady in this film.

Kate Middleton, Robin Hood

E! Illustration

Although Russell Crowe made a pretty decent Robin Hood, the addition of Princess Kate would make for an excellent plot twist, amiright? We'd love to see her take down the village villains!

Kate Middleton, Duchess Catherine of Cambridge, Dances with Wolves

E! Illustration

She would have to perfect her southern accent for this one, but Kate's archery skills could really add to 1990's Dances With Wolves. A royal depicting a role during the United States' Civil War? Brilliant!

Kate Middleton, Duchess Catherine of Cambridge, Arrow

E! Illustration

Stephen Amell is very attractive, but Princess Kate would make for a really great main character in the CW's Arrow, saving the city as a vigilante with her new set of archery skills...all the while wearing this dress and her heels, duh.

Kate Middleton, Duchess Catherine of Cambridge, Hanna

E! Illustration

No offense to Saoirse Ronan, but we think the Duchess would be pretty badass as the leading lady in Hanna, becoming a skilled assassin with her bow and arrow that would only heighten her level of girl power.

What do you guys think? Which film would you love to see Princess Kate take the reigns as a heroine in? Sound off in the comments below.

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