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"Should I get bangs?"

It's a question every woman faces in her lifetime, and more often than not, she goes for it. Who wouldn't want Rachel Green's side-swept bangs in the final season of Friends? Who wasn't intrigued by Zoë Deschanel's forehead bangs? We all were. Unfortunately, most of us can't pull them off (and we're still upset about it).

Miley Cyrus recently got a new haircut and opted for bangs, but it looks like she's already regretting it. Taking to Instagram Wednesday, the "Wrecking Ball" singer shared a selfie where her hair is in a ponytail and her bangs are pinned back. "When you feel weird about yo new bangzzzzzzz ...... Practicing non attachment! Everything is constantly coming and goin," she captioned the pic. "Lessons always to be learned even thruuuuu dumbbbb $--t that seems like it's meaningless! Hair cuts can be life changers and eye openers!"

Miley isn't the first woman to hate a haircut and she certainly won't be the last. And since she said everything is "constantly coming and going," we thought we'd get rid of the bangs and give her some potential new hairstyle ideas to work with the next time she heads to the salon.

As the old adage goes, "Don't fix what isn't broken," so we're turning back the clock and suggesting a Hannah Montana transformation. It worked for a long time—it can work again!

Miley Cyrus, Instagram, Hannah Montana Hair

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Sure, Rachel's aforementioned side bangs were their own trend at the end of the sitcom's run, but it was "The Rachel" that was truly iconic. Yes, Jennifer Aniston later admitted she hated it, but with Courteney Cox bringing it back, we figured Miley could give it a try, too. Old trends always come back, and we're thinking The Rachel could be it.

Miley Cyrus, Instagram, Jennifer Aniston, The Rachel Hair

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Victoria Beckham surprised everyone when she chopped her posh locks (we had to), but she went on to pave the way for A-line styles and stacked layers. She also changed the way we define bobs, opting for incredibly short on one side and a long comb-over on the other. Miley famously cut off all her hair not too long before calling off her engagement with Liam Hemsworth (they've since reunited), so we think she could pull of Victoria's look should she choose to pop, lock and chop it again.

Miley Cyrus, Instagram, Victoria Beckham

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