On This Day, Facebook


You know that Facebook "On This Day" feature?

It's that area that shows you throwback photos, videos, and posts from the good times: happy hours with your girl friends, a weekend trip to NYC, birthday wishes from yesteryear.

And, yes, sometimes it shows you a kiss-y face selfie with that guy you were seeing two years ago who you're no longer dating.

Hey, it happens. Focus on the fun times.

Well, it turns out there is some method to the madness of just how Facebook selects which of your memories are "On This Day" worthy.

They're not just dredging up any old check-in at your local coffee shop or your statuses asking for dentist recommendations.

They're curating your top-notch memories. Here's how...

According to Tech Insider, Facebook surveyed users to figure out which types of memories people do (or do not) want to be reminded of.

Then they asked a small group of people to rank which types of memories they'd like to see the most.

Are you more interested in seeing an old family vacation or reminiscing over the day you landed a new job?

It turns out people are not into old food pics or inappropriate or sexual content, according to Tech Insider.

Don't expect to see too many brunch photos or sex joke statues popping up again.

You can even have a hand in which memories you see by using the "On This Day Preferences" page to filter what flashbacks get through.

Ultimately, the social media site adapts to your preferences, personalizing what you see.

So if you're dismissing content, that means they know you're not crazy about those types of posts.

Hey Facebook, those photos of our old haircut from 2009? You can keep those hidden, please.

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