"No one's slick as Gaston / No one's quick as Gaston" and no one is as convincing as Gaston as Luke Evans and Hugh Jackman are.

Evans, who is set to play the French bully opposite Emma Watson's Belle in the highly anticipated live-action Beauty and the Beast, appeared on The Jonathan Ross Show alongside Jackman and Taron Egerton and had a sing-off to determine who would actually be the best to play Gaston. Singing "Gaston," the four men and one woman took turns singing the catchy verses, all while holding full beer steins, of course.

After watching this performance, you'll want Disney to cast all of them as the macho man. The most surprising person, however, was definitely Egerton. The Eddie the Eagle star came out of left-field with a set of pipes that will blow you away, so let's start campaigning Disney to give him his own musical. If you're wondering why Jackman feels like such a natural in this role, it's because he previously played Gaston in a stage production of the Disney musical!

Hugh Jackman, Luke Evans


Evans, Egerton and Jackman definitely came out on top of this friendly competition, but this spur-of-the-moment concert is a pretty big deal because details of the live-action film have kept under tight wraps. Aside from a fun, behind-the-scene pic from the cast, nothing has been leaked from the set, so Evans' participation in this rendition of "Gaston" gives fans a major preview of what's to come on March 17, 2017.

Yes, we really have to wait that long.

Alan Menken, who won two Academy Awards in 1991 for the animated classic version, will be scoring the reboot.

According to the press release, the live-action movie will feature "new recordings of the original songs" in addition to new music written by Menken and Sir Tim Rice.

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