With musical-to-movie adaptations popping up all over the place, have you ever wondered how your favorite movies would play out as re-edited musicals? James Corden is here to show you just how some classics would turn out had they included a couple of tunes.

Casting Martin Short and Will Arnett in his new project Wednesday, The Late Late Show host turned Goodfellas, The Revenant and Gladiator into hilarious, upbeat musicals that you would definitely want to sing along to if you knew the words. In the musical adaptation of the mobster drama, Short, nicknamed Tommy, cracked a couple of jokes that led Corden to tell him, "You're a funny guy."

That didn't sit well with Short, and it led him to launch into a dramatic song-interrogation combination.

"You think I'm funny how?" an offended Short croons. "Am I a clown to you?

The two exchanged in a heated back and forth (in song, of course) before Short finally relented and admitted he was just joking. "Get out of here, Tommy!" Corden said, laughing.

"Fuhgeddaboudit," Short responded.

Next up was the The Revenant. You might remember Leonardo DiCarpio's Oscar-winning role as an incredibly dramatic, hard-hitting one, but Corden and Short made it a bit happier—even the legendary bear fight.

"Bear fight, bear fight, putting me to the test," Short sang. "Bear fight, bear fight, tearing into my chest."

James Corden, Martin Short, Will Arnett


If it doesn't sound too lively, just watch the video to see how Corden as the bear and Short broke out into a dance interlude with the help of some trumpet sounds. And if that wasn't enough of an interesting take, these two also managed to add a romantic plotline into the mix.

"Why fight it? These feelings I can't smother," they sang in a duet.

Lastly they took on Gladiator, Russell Crowe's classic Roman film. Corden played Crowe's famous role and immediately asked, "Are you not entertained?" Afterwards he immediately began singing angrily, but ultimately transitioned into a chipper song that featured both him and Short dancing in a choreographed routine. Eventually, Short put down his sword and picked up a saxophone to perform quite the solo.

"That was good," Corden told him.

"I haven't played for ages!" Short responded.

Arnett finally appeared and gave a solo performance. "Gladiator, why doesn't the hero reveal himself and tell us all your real name? What's your name, man? Tell us what's your name, man."

To see how Corden responded, watch the clip!

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