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And we're back!

After last night's hilarious and heartwarming 100th episode, we're here to present you with the second part of our extreme New Girl celebration! 

Last night, we counted up to 50 of our favorite moments from the show, and the party now continues with more of our favorite scenes, our favorite guest stars, and a few (or a lot) of our favorite GIFs.

Please to enjoy! 

Favorite Episodes (Part 2)

51. "Menzies" (s2e7): Unemployed, PMSing Jess lost it over cup puppies and soft pretzels, and we fell in love with an old silent man named Tran.

52. "Clean Break" (s4e22): We watched the season four finale, Coach's sad goodbye, and Schmidt's proposal to Cece approximately 110 percent more times than necessary.

 53. "Jess and Julia" (s1e11): Jess may wear polka dots and Julia (Lizzie Caplan) may wear un-ribboned pantsuits, but they're both still smart, tough, and strong, and this episode was a perfectly necessary feminist celebration for the show that made "adorkable" a thing.

54. "Control" (s1e16): It makes sense that this season 1 ep is Max Greenfield's favorite, since it marked the rise of Schmidt: "It was so good. It was Zooey and I in a storyline, and we go down to Venice Beach and I become a hippie for a minute, and then I come back, and it was just really quite wonderful. I just remember that episode really working, and when it came out, I remember watching that episode and I was very proud of it. I liked it a lot."

55. "Background Check" (s4e6): Winston's journey to being a cop hit a little snag involving Jess, a bag of aquarium rocks that Jess believed to be meth, a fake kid named Duquan and a perfect showcase of every main character on this show.

Favorite Scenes (Part 2)

56. Schmidt, Winston, and the crack (s2e12): Schmidt's attempt to honor Winston's blackness got a little bit out of control, mostly thanks to Winston fully encouraging him. "I did enjoy shooting the crack story, for sure," Dave Finkel said when we asked what scene was proud of working on. "It's a real weird one."

New Girl, Max Greenfield, Hannah Simone


 57. Schmidt and the street performer (s1e16): "There was a moment in that episode, 'Control,' where there was a mime guy who was like a street performer, and he was dressed in silver, and he was supposed to be totally still the whole time, and Dave [Finkel] made the guy like do something towards me, and I screamed like I've never screamed before. I don't know why it scared the ever-living s--t out of me. I looked over at him and he was like crying laughing, and I went, this piece of s--t. I laughed for hours. I was not in character. It just genuinely got me, and I screamed horribly." –Max Greenfield

58. Nick and Jess at the hardware store (s2e19): Not sure what else we expected from an episode called "Quick Hardening Caulk," but we still giggle at Nick's incredibly euphemistic shopping list: long-shafted drive gel, new nut wrench, quick-hardening caulk, lube for drill shaft, box of gummy sharks.

59. The Boob slapping fight (s2e5): When we asked Zooey Deschanel about her favorite scenes to film, she said, "I like all the physical comedy, the slapstick stuff," and it doesn't really get much more slapstick than this ridiculous boob-slapping scene.  

60. Winston singing Defying Gravity (s1e18): Lamorne Morris so perfectly captured the exact way that we also sing "Defying Gravity" in our car that we almost worry he's been spying on us.  

61. Schmidt's favorite rapper (s2e5): "I wasn't in that scene, but I happened to be there early. There was a scene where Schmidt and Nick, they were playing college. I think it was Fat Schmidt, and Nick had braces I believe. They were arguing, and Schmidt was saying who his favorite rapper was, and I think it was Brian Austin Green. That made me laugh so hard that I had to walk away from set, because I wasn't in the shot but I was ruining it with laughter." —Lamorne Morris

62. Winston's badger prank (s2e25): Prank Sinatra strikes again with another wildly inappropriate prank: he released a badger in the air ducts above Cece's wedding and proceeded to lose his mind as he chased after it. "Guys, you know, I've been thinking a lot about the Earth. We gotta leave it better than we found it!"

63. Cece and Jess at the Christmas party (s1e9): "In season1 at a Christmas party where we hung out in a bathroom and got to eat cookies, and we avoided confrontation and hid from our dates. It was really heartwarming and lovely." –Hannah Simone on her favorite scene to film

64. The Swuit (s4e14): Nick and Schmidt's pitch to Shark Tank's Lori Greiner was actually tanking until Jess walked in wearing their insane sweatshirt/suit creation, "the swuit," and said "This is the swuit" in such a way that we can't get it out of our heads, and we're fine with that.

65. Winston's voicemail to Cece (s4e22): We're just going to type this masterpiece out for you:

"Ey yo Cece, what up fam? It's your girl, Winston, aka Winnie the Bish, akaakaaka Brown Lightning. Schmidt dropped Fawn like a bad habit OK, so ain't nobody riding shotgun! So you better get on while the gettin' is good, you got it?"

Jess's response? "I hate that you're so good at this!"

66. Nick and Coach dancing to Work Bitch (s3e8): Not sure what else you need besides the video of this glorious scene.

67. Schmidt selling sponges (s4e3): Schmidt may have gotten in over his head with his attempt to sell sponges to men, but it did result in the most glorious sponge commercial ever created.

New Girl GIFs


68. Nick's mirror hallucination (s5e10): We had to rewatch this scene a few times to fully appreciate Nick's sleep-deprived belief that his reflection was moving independently of himself, and now we can't stop laughing at it.

69. Winston's cop voices (s5e9): Pretty much everything having to do with Winston's cop voice delighted us endlessly, from him practicing in front of the mirror to Schmidt bringing out his own Mariska Hargitay voice. Perfection.

New Girl, Swuit


70. The coyote scene (s1e24): To beat the coyote, you have to be the coyote, and apparently that means making insane coyote noises in a furry hood. How the hell Jess's insanity actually worked is beyond us.

Favorite Guest Stars (Part 2)

71. Taran Killam: We could have listened to him drone on about trains for hours. That's a lie, but we did love listening to him drone on about trains for two minutes

72. Megan Fox: Reagan was no Jess, but we still loved having her around while Zooey Deschanel was on maternity leave.

73. Lizzy Caplan: Nick's girlfriend Julia wasn't exactly the nicest person in the world, but she was a fun contrast to Jess, and we loved her anyway because she's Lizzy Caplan.

74. Julian Morris: We may have said Dermot Mulroney was our fave of Jess's exes, but we were lying. Ryan Geauxinue (pronounced "Goes in you") was our actual favorite. If Nick and Jess don't work out in the end, she and Ryan should live happily ever after.  

75. The Parents: Jess was created by Rob Reiner and Jamie Lee Curtis. Nick's parents are Dennis Farina and Margo Martindale. Schmidt's mom is Nora Dunn, and we'll soon be meeting his dad, played by Peter Gallagher.  Are those not some of the most perfect families you've ever heard of?

76. Merritt Wever: Schmidt's old college girlfriend was so awesome that we were genuinely conflicted between her and Cece. Of course, Schmidt ended up with Cece, but Elizabeth would have been great too.

77. Mary Elizabeth Ellis: Let's be real, Nick's ex- and sometimes-current girlfriend Caroline was kind of horrible and absolutely not right for Nick, but we do not hold that against Mary Elizabeth Ellis.  

78. Stephen Amell: Did you forget the Green Arrow was on New Girl? So did we, but we were then delighted to remember that time he threatened Schmidt, those multiple times he made out with Cece, and that time he offered Schmidt some shrooms before tripping out on said shrooms and convincing himself he peed his pants before Jess distracted him with a shiny stick.

79. Taylor Swift: Even with all the sabotaging Schmidt and co. tried to achieve at Cece's wedding to Shivrang, it was TSwift who showed up just in time to stop the ceremony and win back Shivrang. She only appeared for about two seconds, but those were seconds we'll never forget.

80. Prince: Duh.

Favorite Side Characters

81. Outside Dave: The loft's resident homeless guy (played by Steve Agee) never fails to entertain and confuse anyone who dares to venture outside.

82. Tran: Tran (Ralph Ahn) befriended Nick without saying a word and charmed his way into all of our hearts. Nick later dated his granddaughter, and we haven't really seen the old guy since, which should be remedied immediately.

83. Sadie: We miss our lesbian gynecologist friend (played by June Diane Raphael) and all that she did to teach Schmidt how to be good at sex.

New Girl

Ray Mickshaw/FOX

84. Nadia: Cece's old roommate (Rebecca Reid) was absolutely terrifying—never forget that she broke Schmidt's penis with her possibly right-angled vagina—and completely hilarious. That said, we haven't really missed her since she's been off having babies and whatnot.

Favorite Damon Wayans Jr.

85. Coach: We love Damon Wayans Jr. no matter where we get him, so even though Happy Endings had to leave us, we were happy to see him back on New Girl, and to see his relationship with Jess go from disdain to wearing the scarf she knitted him as he said a tearful goodbye at the end of season 4. We'll miss you, Coach. Feel free to come back any time!

New Girl GIFs


Epic Moments

86. The "Cooler" Kiss: "I meant something like that." We rewound that episode until our remotes were broken, and if it were possible to wear out a YouTube video, we would have done that, too. This may very well be the greatest TV kiss ever.

87. Schmidt's proposal: Both of their speeches were just too perfect, followed by Schmidt yelling at his friends to shut up and Jess setting off a confetti canon. Plus, dat flashback!  

88. Nick and Jess have sex: Finally! Tell us you weren't crying with happiness when he picked her up out of that elevator.

89. Fat Schmidt Lip-Syncing: OK, so it didn't technically happen on the show, but it was nevertheless an important moment in the world when this video made the rounds. We should all aspire to be Fat Schmidt.

Favorite GIFs in Which Schmidt Hates the Youths


New Girl GIFs



New Girl GIFs



New Girl GIFs



New Girl GIFs


Favorite Relatable Quotes

94. "Yeah, I'd trust Beyonce with my life." —Nick

95. "A bar isn't just a place of business, it's a place for people, which is something I truly hate about it." —Schmidt

96. "Can I get an alcohol?" —Nick

97. "She's on a flip phone, Jess! She's either poor, or a time traveler." —Schmidt

98. "I know Word, and I can open a document. Save it. Save AS. Print. Print preview!" —Winston on his job skills in an interview

99. "Look, there's a lot I don't tell you. I haven't done laundry in five months." —Nick Miller

100. "I don't know what I'm doing emotionally, or, let's be honest, sexually." —Jessica Day, successfully summing us all up. 

New Girl airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on Fox. 

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