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Add Mark Fuhrman to the list of detractors when it comes to FX's The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story. The former detective, who is played by Steven Pasquale in the miniseries, slammed the show about the trial of O.J. Simpson in a new interview, and said he refuses to watch.

"The last 20 years, I have watched the facts dismissed by the media, journalists and the public simply because it does not fit within the politically correct narrative. At this late date, FX is attempting to establish a historical artifact with this series without reaching out to any prosecution sources. In a time when Americans read less and less and investigative journalism is on vacation, it is sad that this movie will be the historical word on this infamous trial. After all, it was ‘based on a true story,'" he told The New York Post.

"This miniseries will most probably define not the historical record of the murder of two people, but the almost pathological desire to elevate a narcissistic, violent man to victim status just because he was a black athlete," he continued. "Immensely sad. I am angry and bitter because the truth is a massaged reality. Let's play grown¬up for a while. This is not about me. There will be another O.J., and what we have learned is that political correctness and stupidity trump justice."

Fuhrman discovered the infamous bloody glove on Simpson's estate and when he was called to testify, the defense called his past use of racial epithets into question.

He's not the only person involved with the 1995 murder trial to speak out. Several people associated with Simpson and Nicole Brown, including Faye Resnick, Kathryn Edwards and even Caitlyn Jenner have said they won't watch the miniseries. Kim Goldman, sister to victim Ron Goldman, said she wants people to remember her brother as a hero and that the show make clear what is fact and what is fiction. The series is based on Jeffrey Toobin's book.

"What I think is unfortunately going to get lost in this is that my brother was doing a good deed," Kim Goldman told Today. "And [he] walked in on what we believe was a horrific crime and he didn't run. They don't show that in this and that really sucks. My brother could've run and saved his own life and he stayed to help his friend. I want people to remember my brother was a hero."

However, former prosecutor Marcia Clark, who is played by Sarah Paulson in the miniseries, praised the show.

"I think it's amazing," Clark said on The View. "It's really amazing. I can't watch it the way most people do, to me it's reliving a nightmare." Clark said "every bit is awful" and "it hurts," but that's a testament to how good a job Ryan Murphy and his team are doing with the series.

The People v. O.J. Simpson airs Tuesdays, 10 p.m. on FX.

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