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A few days ago one brave Redditor decided to follow The Rock's diet and fitness plan for 31 days. The man who goes by nycballer on the social site recently posted his progress when he hit the halfway mark of his diet. Seriously, you guys. Check out all the crazy shiz he has to put into his body. Read his Reddit post and see for yourself. Cod? 5000 calories a day? No, thank you. Not to mention the insane amount of working out he has to complete as well. Cable crossover supersets? Romanian deadlifts!? We don't even know what those words mean, but they sound terrifying. 

Apparently The Rock is a little concerned for the dude, as he playfully tweeted about him this morning. "Uh oh. This kinda only works if you train 2xs a day, work 14hrs on set and are half Samoan/half Black. And cuss," he typed with a few emojis. I mean, he's got a point! Regardless we hope this guy plays it safe with this new routine. According to AskMen.com, the amount of food this determined Redditor must intake is equal to that of five triple Whoppers. How is this even possible!? Stay safe, dude! 

What do you think about the man who wants to follow The Rock's diet plan? Sound off in the comments! 

Inside The Rock's 2016 Golden Globes drive! 

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