Nikki Bella Is ''Terrified'' After John Cena Breaks His Nose, Brie Feels ''Disrespected'' & More Shocking Total Divas Moments!

By Jess Cohen Feb 24, 2016 3:00 AMTags
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It was a very tense (and bloody!) episode of Total Divas!

First on the episode, John Cena broke his nose after being kneed in the face, leaving Nikki Bella "terrified." Then after watching her boyfriend go through that traumatic experience, Nikki gets into a huge argument with her sister Brie Bella.

It gets so heated between the sisters that Nikki tells Brie, "I hate you!"

Want to find out why the sisters are arguing?

Check out the recap below to get the scoop and to see why Brie is feeling "disrespected."


1. Brie Tells Nikki She Can't Stay at Her House:

Nikki tells Brie that John is hosting the Today show all week, but she can't be with him. So instead she's going to go to Phoenix, where Brie lives.

"Well you're not staying with me," Brie tells her.

Brie suggests Nikki stay with their mom, but Nikki doesn't want to.

But Brie still doesn't let Nikki stay with her and tells her she's "overstayed her welcome."

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2. Brie & Nikki Give Rosa Mendes Advice:

Rosa Mendes is extremely "stressed out" because she has to tell her mom that her boyfriend Bobby is an Atheist. Her mom is very religious so she's scared to tell her and she doesn't know what to do.

Watch the video above to see what Brie and Nikki tell Rosa to do!


3. John Cena Breaks His Nose:

During his Monday Night Raw fight, John gets kneed in the face.

"John's nose is literally on the side of his face," Brie says. "I have never seen anything like this before."

"I'm looking at my man and I can tell that his nose isn't in the middle of his face," Nikki says. "When you see someone you love so much like distorted and not knowing what else is going on you get terrified. Why is he still wrestling?"

But does John quit? Nope! He stays in the fight and wins!

After his match John has emergency surgery to repair his nose.


4. Rosa Breaks Down Crying During an Argument With Bobby:

Rosa is Christian and wants to baptize her daughter Jordan when she's born. But Bobby, who is an Atheist, doesn't want their child to be baptized.

When the two can't come to a decision Rosa breaks down crying.


5. Rosa's Dinner With Bobby, His Dad and Her Mom Is "Awkward:"

When Rosa's mom asks to pray before dinner, Rosa tells her that Bobby "doesn't believe in God."

Rosa's mom looks flustered, but they're able to move on for the moment. Later, Rosa's mom tells Bobby she "would like to see the baby baptized."

Rosa tells her mom that they "talked about but haven't come to a compromise or conclusion of what we're gonna do yet."

Bobby tries to explain his beliefs but things get tense and he leaves the table.

"It's just one of those things it makes me feel so awkward and weird," Bobby says.

The two talk it out and decide to go back inside to finish the meal.

At the end of the dinner Rosa says that her mom has written Bobby off. She also says that if her baby doesn't get baptized it will cause "friction."

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6. Nikki Tells Brie "I Hate You:"

Nikki wants to stay in Brie's hotel room because she "doesn't want to sleep alone" but Brie doesn't want her there.

Want to find out why Nikki says "I hate you" to her sister? Watch the video above!


7. Foxy & Paige Talk About Their Friendship:

Alicia Fox is about to turn 30 and she's ready to make a "lifestyle change." But she's having trouble accomplishing that while being friends with 22-year-old Paige.

During a trip to visit Paige, Foxy even admits that sometimes her friendship with Paige is "off balance."

Foxy wanted to go to a furniture store, but they wind up at a Bingo event instead.

"Maybe being friends with someone who's 22 is a lot harder than I thought," she confesses.

Later on in the episode Foxy says that she's "sick of doing what Paige wants to do" and that she's "fed up."

Paige then realizes that Foxy is "really mad" at her so the two sit down and have a talk about their friendship.

"I just feel bad because I feel like I did abandon you today," Paige says.

She explains that she's "not ready to settle down yet" but if she'll always be there for her and "do whatever you want."

She then says, "I should've been there for you so I apologize."

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8. Brie & Nikki Make Up:

After Brie kicks Nikki out of her hotel room, she goes to stay with Nattie. The next day, Nattie tells Brie that there's a "deeper issue" going on with Nikki.

To make it up to Nikki, Brie decides to invite her over to her house in Phoenix.

"Why do you have such anxiety being alone?" Brie asks Nikki. "Did something happen to you that I don't know?"

"It's honestly a lot of things," Nikki explains. "Like am I gonna wake up in the morning? Am I gonna see John again? Is someone gonna break into this hotel room? You know? I fear death big time."

Nikki then explains that it might be because of her grandfather passing away when they were 23 and losing that "father figure."

"One day he was there and then one day he was gone," Nikki says. "And it's just a thing I'm always scared and I get anxiety when John flies home or John like goes overseas."

Brie said she had "no idea" Nikki was dealing with this.

Nikki then tells Brie being with her in the hotel room makes her feel "safe."

"Well now it makes me feel really bad," Brie says.

She then tells Nikki, "You can start staying with me."