The Bella Twins Give a ''Stressed Out'' Rosa Mendes Advice on How to Tell Her Mom Her Boyfriend Is an Atheist: Watch!

By Jess Cohen Feb 22, 2016 2:30 PMTags
Watch: "Total Divas" Star Stresses Over Baby Daddy

Rosa Mendes is extremely "nervous" on Tuesday's episode of Total Divas.

The WWE star is pregnant with her boyfriend Bobby's baby and she's about to introduce Bobby to her mom for the first time.

While it should be a very exciting time for everyone, Rosa is afraid to tell her mom that Bobby is an Atheist.

So when Nikki Bella and Brie Bella catch up with Rosa and ask how she's doing in this clip from the episode, Rosa admits she's "stressed out."

"My mom's gonna meet Bobby for the first time and I'm meeting his dad," Rosa tells them. "I'm excited like I'm really really stoked but the only thing is my mom doesn't know that Bobby's an Atheist. And my mom you know she works at the church and she's like really religious."

Rosa explains that she wants her mom to get to know Bobby first to see "what a great person he is" and then tell her about his beliefs.

So what do Brie and Nikki tell Rosa to do?

"I think you tell your mom," Nikki says.

Brie agrees and tells Rosa, "It's gonna be hard to be honest but then it's gonna be like a weight lifted off of your shoulders."

Check out the clip above to find out what other advice Brie and Nikki share with Rosa!