Celebrate National Wine Day With a Boozy GIF for Every Moment in Life

Because what better way to celebrate wine?

By Seija Rankin May 25, 2016 6:43 PMTags
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Every day is a good day to pound grape, but today is especially appropriate.

That's because it's National Wine Day, y'all! What does that mean? We have literally no idea. Most likely, this holiday was fabricated in a boardroom full of the wine industry's most powerful, meant to sucker us into spending more money on a commodity that we already overindulge in. So sign us up.

We would also, of course, be remiss if we spoke of National Wine Day without taking a moment to pay homage to the Wine Queen herself, Olivia Pope. The Scandal fixer reigns supreme in drinking all things Cabernet, Sauvignon, Merlot and probably even Rosé. (Although only if she's forced to give up the red wine, ya know?). There's even a chance that Shonda Rhimes herself was in that aforementioned wine industry boardroom—it's the perfect #TGIT collaboration.

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But of course, she isn't the only person in pop culture who loves herself some grape. Many of our fictional heroes indulge in the finer wines of life, so we're taking this moment to celebrate them...with GIFs, naturally. Since there often comes a point in life when one needs the perfect wine GIF, we implore you to look no further. Ahead, we have all the GIFs you'll ever need, for any moment in life. Happy choosing.

When your boss asks you if you have any new ideas for the workplace:

When you're hungover from last night's wine binge but are just trying to pull through brunch:

When you want everyone to know you splurged for the non-three-buck-chuck at Trader Joe's:

When you're still trying to pull off "I"m the captain now" jokes:

When your husband is a secret meth kingpin: 

When your husband is Frank Underwood:

When you're trying to fill out your Bumble profile:

When you're getting ready for your friend's baby shower: 

When you're unwinding from a long day of being divorced from the most narcissistic man in advertising: 

When you haven't done the dishes:

When you have your friends over for a dinner party so you can "cook":

When you need an excuse to drink that (gulp) white zin that's been in the cupboards for years:

When you sleep through your alarm but already have all the day's necessities:

When you have to go to a kid's birthday party:

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