Amanda Peet, Kit Harington, Game of Thrones

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Amanda Peet may be married to the co-creator of Game of Thrones, but she's in the same position as all of you: in the dark about Jon Snow's true fate and not happy about it.

While Peet was promoting her HBO show Togetherness on NBC's Today, Savannah Guthrie brought up the actress' marriage to David Benioff. "Yeah, and I hope that I'll stay married to him after this season begins," Peet joked. "Because if I don't see Jon Snow living and breathing and talking—"

Guthrie pointed out that fans are also upset and not happy with the lack of updates on the character's wellbeing after he supposedly died at the end of season five.

"They shouldn't be and I'm not happy either," she quipped. "It's ridiculous and not good."

Peet has been open about her feelings regarding her husband and his role in Jon Snow's fate. In September she joked they were divorcing over it.

Kit Harington's character was slain at the end of season five. He gave interviews following the events saying he's dead, he's done. But then he was spotted on set. And with his costars, more than once. Still, everybody maintained Jon Snow is dead. Is it semantics? His likeness was used for the first season six poster and he's been in teasers (albeit in old footage and looking pretty dead).

"I think anyone who wants to know what happens in season six has to wait until it comes out," Harington said during a recent interview. "All I can tell you is Jon Snow is dead. He died at the end of last season."

See? Semantics. His costars are in on the game too.

"Everyone was so sad about it, and I feel so mean because I speak to people and they're all like, 'Jon Snow, is he back?' And it's really heartbreaking because people are like, 'Yeah, but he's coming back though?' It's a great twist, but I can't say he's going to be alive," Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams recently said.

Game of Thrones returns, with or without Jon Snow, on Sunday, April 24 on HBO.

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