Is Family Feud the Dirtiest Show on TV?

Is Family Feud family friendly?

By Julia Hays Feb 17, 2016 10:04 PMTags
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So, how family friendly is Family Feud?

It seems like every week there is another hilarious, cringe-worthy clip from the show of a contestant saying something crazy (or crazy sexual.)

Let's take Kendra, for example.

When asked to name something that can never be long enough, Kendra said a penis.

Sorry, she actually kept it classy with "a man's private parts."

Cue host Steve Harvey's signature shocked reaction...

Luckily, Kendra's guess totally paid off, because "trouser snake" was on the board!

Also, "trouser snake?" Gross.

Though there were kisses as greetings, funny bloopers, and dumb answers people can't help but laugh at during the Richard Dawson Feud days, it seems like the suggestive stuff didn't kick in until recent seasons.

People can get away with more on television now. Plus, these clips are always the ones that get the most attention online, so it's no surprise we keep seeing more of them pop up on the show.

These videos rack up millions of hits on YouTube and Facebook.

Because when someone says "penis" on a game show, everyone wins. (Well, maybe not the actual contestant. It depends on the survey.)

Sometimes the show gets right into it by asking a raunchy question.

One Family Feud round?

"Besides Hooters, give me another word or words for 'breasts' that a bar might call itself?"

A.k.a. tell us more ways to say 'boobs.'

The board featured answers like 'jugs' and 'ta-tas.'

Family Feud (remember the family part) has also asked contestants to "name the first part of a woman you touch to get her in the mood."

Larry, in front of his family, answered...

He then followed up with "I didn't want to say it" while one of his kids yelled "oh my God, dad!"

Granted, the birds and the bees talk is healthy and all, but these are the instances when the show is just setting people up for a big helping of awkward.

There are other moments when the show isn't being too forward, necessarily, in the question, but any contestant with a sense of humor could think of a response that's sexual.

When Kevin was asked to tell Harvey the last thing he stuck his finger in, his answer ended up being Harvey's "favorite answer of all time."

Kevin last stuck his finger in (wait for it)...


The family, and Harvey, were momentarily speechless before erupting in laughter and high-fives.

Too bad the answer wasn't on the board, but hey, Kevin and his family will still have the memory of that time he talked about his 'finger' and his 'wife' on national television.

So that's something.

And sometimes it's a mix of a suggestive question and a funny guest that lead to these moments.

When the show asked Tamika to name something of an ex's that a person might pee on for revenge, they're already assuming that people are revenge peeing on things.

That's a lot to assume. What adults are doing that regularly enough that surveys can be conducted about it?

We can't fault Tamika for answering honestly.

No matter what, an answer about revenge peeing is going to get weird.

By the way, Tamika's answer was on the board. So no shame there, girl.

Whatever it takes to win.

Though a raunchy answer isn't always a winning answer, people know they can get away with it on Feud.

The only repercussions are a shocked reaction from Harvey and Internet fame.

Here are some more rapid-fire dirty answers (totally out of context) featured on the show. There were just way too many to include them all. Enjoy...