Is 2016 the year that Leonardo DiCaprio finally wins an Oscar?

It's seems as though the whole world is pulling for the 41-year-old to win the Academy Award this year for his extraordinary work in The Revenant.

Even before The Revenant though, Leonardo already had a long list of incredible movies on his resume from his work in 1993's What's Eating Gilbert Grape to 2004's The Aviator. Shockingly, while Leonardo was nominated for an Oscar for these performances he didn't take home the award.

Leonardo DiCaprio, The Revenant

20th Century Fox

In some cases Leonardo wasn't even nominated for his incredible work, like with The Departed and Titanic! But it seems like Leonardo's luck might be changing this year after his wins at the 2016 Golden Globes and 2016 Screen Actors Guild Awards.

So in celebration of the actor's amazing career and his most recent Academy Award nomination, we wanted to look back at his most iconic movie roles.

Watch the video above to see Leonardo's most Oscar-worthy performances ranked! The No. 1 flick might surprise you.

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