Jeremy Scott, Katy Perry, ESC: Designer-Celeb BFF's

Donato Sardella/Getty Images for Jeremy Scott

Truth: The celeb-designer friendship is a mutually beneficial relationship.

Celeb endorses designer, resulting in higher sales, and in return, said celeb is often gifted beautiful clothes or even a campaign deal, which means money in everyone's pocket.

Then there's the eternally optimistic, maybe naïve truth to celeb-designer friendships: They really, really like each other.

Perhaps like you and your BFF, and definitely like Katy Perry and Jeremy Scott, these duos inspire and ignite each other's over-the-top creative output. Maybe Stella McCartney and Gwyneth Paltrow just enjoy being in each other's company, whether they're sharing a glass of vino or shopping for gold dumbbells ringing in at just $125,000. Our point is that the celeb-designer relationship, at the core, is probably not too different than the friendship we have with our own bestie.

Need more convincing? You could always put it to the test. In honor of the celeb-designer mecca that is New York Fashion Week, find out which dynamic duo you and your BFF channel the most. Hey, if you and your best bud can't attend NYFW, at least you've found a pairing you can live vicariously though.

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