When Scandal finally returns next week, we might see a little bit of art imitating life.

Picking up six months after the momentous events of November's midseason finale, Mellie Grant will be gearing up for her presidential run and, as star Bellamy Young tells it, it's no mere happenstance that creator Shonda Rhimes is taking the show on the campaign trail during such a newsworthy election year. 

"I think there is no way not to be inspired by life as it is right now in the race because it's such supreme entertainment in its own right. Also Shonda's never shied away from giving her perspective on current events, and this is a very current event," Young exclusively told E! News' Kristin Dos Santos during a visit to the Scandal set. "This election is incredibly important. It's no coincidence that she's set up a platform to respond."

In other words: Brace yourself for the Shondaland Donald Trump.

Scandal, Bellamy Young


"It's going to be such an interesting—I can't wait for you to see the candidates., the presidential field," Young added. If her miming afterwards is any indication, it'll be nothing short of mind-blowing.

Young admitted that the road ahead for Mellie ahead won't be an easy one, especially when it comes to finding the best person to manage her bid for presidency. "She's a smart woman, and she knows the best person to run her campaign is Olivia," she said. "So she has a bit of a mountain to climb there to convince Olivia because they have so much water under the bridge." We can hardly wait to see how that conversation goes.

While Mellie will be busy trying to win over Olivia (Kerry Washington)—and Scandal's version of America—there's no doubt that she's won over fans in the real world who hope to see the beleaguered former First Lady rise to power. But has she won over the woman who plays her? "Mellie will be a great president. She wouldn't run my agenda," Young revealed. "I might not be in her party, but Mellie will be a boss president. Really, she'd be completely capable. She'd be incredible if she got that job."

Are you looking forward to Mellie's presidential campaign? Sound off in the comments below!

Scandal returns Thursday, Feb. 11 at 9 p.m. on ABC.

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