We Have (Almost) No Words After Scandal's Emotionally Intense Winter Finale

Scandal just changed the game

By Lauren Piester Nov 20, 2015 3:36 AMTags
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So much for Fitz and Olivia and their standing in the sun. 

That was quite an episode, and we don't quite know how to feel right now, so we'll just put it out there: Olivia Pope just had an abortion, right after former first lady Mellie Grant completed a 16 hour filibuster on the senate floor to keep Planned Parenthood from being de-funded, and then broke up with President Fitz after an intense shouting match prompted by a missed dinner party and fueled by 

There was never any question that Olivia wasn't made for being the typical First Lady. She cared too much about too many things that position wasn't going to allow her to do anything about, and she's just not a housewife. She's a problem solver who thrives on the shadowy and the slightly illegal. Having a child with the President of the United States while planning his dinner parties and picking out his china patterns while figuring out what a snickerdoodle is called was never going to work for her. 


We've struggled with liking either Fitz or Olivia this season, but tonight we were fully on Olivia's side. 

"There is no us. There is no Vermont, there is no jam, there is no future, not anymore," she told Fitz after he claimed he had forced her to move in in order to save "us." 

"You are worse than Mellie," he said at one point, and that's when we started shaking our heads. Nope, Fitz. Just a lotta nope. 

Meanwhile, we've never cheered for Mellie so hard, and we've cheered for Mellie very, very hard over the years. Tonight, we were cheering as she pulled a Wendy Davis with a little help from a couple friends. 

Fitz continued to be all Fitz-like and was just sure that what Mellie was doing was all about him, which it certainly was not. Liv maneuvered her way into the situation by getting Susan Ross to take her seat as president of the senate and got her to ask a lengthy question to give Mellie a break, fixing problems as she most loves to do. 


Elsewhere, Lizzie was jealous over David Rosen's gift to Susan (what even is this love triangle?), Jake finally killed Franklin, theoretically disposing of Lazarus One, and Huck continued to hold Papa Pope hostage. They engaged in some great mutual taunting. Rowan yelled at Huck about freedom fries and his baby mama's many boyfriends, and Huck asked which white guy Rowan preferred to be sleeping with his daughter (though he used slightly more vulgar terms). 

In the end, they both walked away alive. 

The episode ended with Olivia settling down back in her apartment in a cozy sweater with a new, non-stained couch and a big glass of wine, just as things should be on Scandal, but also not the way things should be at all. 

So where does the show even go from here? That's unclear, but if Fitz and Olivia are really done, we don't think we can really complain about that. They worked in closets and darkened kitchens late at night. They didn't quite work as an actual couple who are also the first couple of the United States. 

Scandal returns to ABC, along with the rest of TGIT, on Feb. 11, which means we have a long time to wait to find out what happens next. 

What did you think of tonight's episode? Sound off in the comments. 

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