Go home, other commercials. Kevin Hart's Hyundai Super Bowl commercial wins.

The Ride Along 2 star appears in the car company's ad for its Genesis sedan, highlighting just how far a dad will go to protect his daughter. Emphasizing the car's new security feature, car finder, Hart is able to secretly follow his daughter while on a first date with a new boy.

Looking skeptical at his daughter's date, Hart offers, "Why don't you go ahead and take my new car?" Suspicious? We think so. It turns out Hart's watch has the ability to sync with his car, allowing him to see where his daughter and her date go. Firsto stop: the movie theater.

When the boy puts his arm around his daughter, Hart sneaks up behind him slurping away at his soda while giving him the evil eye. The daughter continues to watch the movie while the boy cowers in fear and immediately removes his arm. Hart then follows them to a local fair, where the innocent boy wins his girl a prize, only to have Hart's face appear behind the toys. Sorry, anonymous boy, no kiss for you!

Kevin Hart, Super Bowl Commercial


And because boys can be pretty dumb, the date decides to take Hart's daughter to a romantic overlook where he's hoping to do you-know-what. But car finder isn't going to let that happen.

"You're messing with the wrong daddy," Hart screams as he dangles from a shark-shaped helicopter (an homage to Left Shark, perhaps?).

"I'm taking you home," the date promptly tells the girl.

Confused, she asks, "Why?"

Looking all upset, she returns home where Hart innocently asks, "Honey, what'd you guys do tonight?"

Damn you, dad! There goes any chance of a second date LOL. This poor teen might have lost the boy, but at least Hart won the Super Bowl commercial competition.

Look back at one of the most controversial moments in Super Bowl history.

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