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Faye Resnick is having such a pop culture moment that she barely even spoke on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills tonight, and yet, she seemed to be all people could talk about. And now it seems the rejuvenated relationship Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump have been enjoying post-Brandi Glanville may not be strong enough to withstand her persistent presence.

As you'll recall from last week's reminder, Vanderpump is still miffed over Faye's BS from 2012—but don't you dare accuse her of holding a grudge!—and she made sure Kyle knew it over a cup of her patented tea-with-only-as-much-sugar-as-she'll-allow. So hospitable!

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"You could've said to me, ‘I'm having a dinner and Faye Resnick's going to be there. I'm letting that orangutan out of its cage,'" Vanderpump told her friend, remaining ever the diplomat. 

"That is really rude," Kyle replied. "I don't like her," Lisa shot back. 

What better time to co-host a joint wedding anniversary party and invite Faye along! And hey, why not include Kathryn Edwards in the mix and force her into another conversation about Faye? That should make for a real great time.

And so Kyle and Lisa gathered all the women on the show in a hotel in downtown Culver City (that someone on the show must have invested in because there's no way these women voluntarily drove there from Beverly Hills) and forced them to dress in corsets and fishnets like French prostitutes (except Yolanda Hadid who had the good sense to use her illness to get out of this one). Once the party kicked off, with old friends Camille Grammer and Taylor Armstrong in tow—Sorry, Adrienne Maloof! Maybe your invite got lost in the mail!—Kyle subjected her audience friends to her annual reminder that she can do a full split, which we think means six more weeks of winter since it aired on Groundhog Day.

After everyone was properly liquored up and worn out from the dance floor, Kyle approached Lisa and Kathryn—you know, the two people who like her BFF Faye the least—and asked Lisa if she'd been nice to her. That didn't sit well with Kathryn, who launched into her story of why she didn't like Faye once again because, as she learned last week, Kyle tends to forget things like that. "For me, it was really incredibly distasteful to capitalize, and that is strictly how I view it," Kathryn said of Faye's book. "Well, that's a strong word and I don't want to say that," Kyle replied, even though writing a book for money after your friend dies is sort of the very definition of both "capitalize" and "distasteful." But who are we to judge?

"But, you know what, a lot of that she brought on herself. She really did," Kathryn continued. "She included herself in it when she really did not need to."

Kyle didn't love that: "How does Kathryn have the balls to be speaking against my friend at my party that I invited her to? Shut the f--k up." 

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Only, you know, Kyle didn't say that to Kathryn's face. Instead, she dragged Vanderpump to another corner of the room and tried to get her to do something about mean ol' Kathryn. "I don't know Kathryn well enough for her to be talking like that about Faye at our party. That's rude," she told Lisa. "She's a new friend and it's our party. That's not nice." 

Lisa tried to reason with her: "Yeah, but there's a history between them that obviously runs so deep." 

"And to use those words is rude. I don't like that," Kyle continued. "I don't want to get into this. This was not even my story 21 years ago. My point is she shouldn't be talking like that at our party." 

At that, Lisa had heard enough: "Well, then you know what? I like her. Faye's your friend. You talk to her...I am not the bloody conduit here. I'm not the messenger. I'm going to get a drink. You sort it out yourself." Just your nightly reminder that Lisa Vanderpump is boss.

Well, that was just too much for Kyle, who ended the episode with a thinly veiled threat to her frenemy. "The last time Lisa decided to side with the new girl, didn't work out so well for her," she said as footage of Vanderpump and Brandi rolled. And then she took her ball and went home.

Are you Team Kyle or Team Lisa? Team Kathryn or Team Faye? (Haha, JK. No one is Team Faye.)

Spare Parts: 

- Can we talk about Erika Girardi's house for just a second? We were about as stunned as Lisa Rinna at the words, "Let me take you upstairs and I'll show you my chapel." That was a first for us, too, Rinna.

- Has anything ended more anticlimactically than Rinna and Yo's issue over the whole Munchausen claim? Yo heard what she had to say, said "Well, we're all far from perfect," and then told her she was tired and made her leave. 

- "If she's trying to correct me, first of all, number one: I don't care.  Number two, I'm still gonna use the word c--t every f--king time I can say it." Well, OK then, Erika.

- Eileen Davidson was there, doing something. We think.

- "Let's be honest, we all want an excuse to wear fishnets and thigh highs and look trashy."

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

(E! and Bravo are both a part of the NBCUniversal family.)

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