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Total Divas, Total Divas 503


Eva Marie returned to WWE Raw on Tuesday's episode of Total Divas.

This was Eva's first time seeing the rest of the Divas since their falling out and she made it her mission to talk to the girls and try to make amends.

But while some Divas were willing to move on, others found it hard to forgive and forget.

So who did Eva Marie make amends with?

Check out the Total Divas recap below to find out! Plus get the scoop on the other OMG moments from Tuesday's episode!

Total Divas, Total Divas 503


1. Eva Marie Apologizes to The Bella Twins:

Eva returns to WWE Raw and wants to makes things right between herself and the rest of the Divas. She didn't leave on good terms with everyone, so Eva reaches out to everyone and asks them to talk. Nikki Bella and Brie Bella are two of the first people Eva Marie sits down with.

"Do you guys have a minute?" Eva asks.

"Yeah," they tell Eva.

Eva sits down and the women start talking about their past problems.

"I wanted to meet with you two especially by yourselves and kind of clear the air because I feel like there's been so much miscommunication and I feel like it's directly affected our relationship, our work relationship and I just kinda wanted to like you know kinda put everything out there and move on from it," Eva says.

"It was just like you'd hear one thing, but was it true?" Brie says. "Then we'd talk and it'd be like, 'No this isn't true.' And then we'd all be fine and then we'd hear another thing. So like when it all went down it just hurt Nicole and I."

"Yeah it was just hurtful," Nikki says.

"I'm really sorry for letting things escalate and animosity build and tension," Eva explains. "And then Nikki when I sat down for our little one-on-one talk, my whole intention was never saying you're a bad Divas champion, I was hurt my feelings were hurt. So I apologize for that."

The ladies continue to talk and everything seems OK between them again. They even decide to follow each other on Instagram again!

2. Mandy Is Introduced as the Newest WWE Diva:

The Divas are called in for a "mandatory meeting" by their boss. During the meeting, Mandy is announced as the newest WWE Diva and it catches the Divas totally by surprise. One Divas in particular throws some serious shade at Mandy. Which Diva is it? Watch the video above to find out!

Total Divas, Total Divas 503


3. The Bella twins Get a Major Offer:

The Bella Twins are told that a "major food company" wants them to be the face of their company. While Nikki is excited, Brie is less-than-pleased and says it's "against her beliefs."

In order to convince Brie to do the endorsement deal, Nikki tries to show her that it doesn't just have to be about the hamburger product.

"I know you're having issues with the whole endorsement, but what if we make it not only sexy but like fitness, like fitness sexy," Nikki says. "It's like if I'm I don't know running and all of the sudden I stop and I'm sweating and I like wipe myself down and I grab the burger and I bite it."

Nikki explains they can show that when you work hard you can "bite into a burger and it's OK."

She then grabs some eggs and hilariously shows Brie how she can sell them.

Then Brie says she's "embarrassed" for Nikki and sprays her with a hose.

Total Divas, Total Divas 503


4. Nattie Attempts to Throw a Surprise Party for TJ:

Nattie tries to throw a surprise party for TJ because she thinks he's been a bit "depressed." He wants to the party to cheer him up, but everything goes wrong. The chicken wings are set on fire, TJ shows up early, a cat escapes and scares R-Truth and then TJ find out Nattie thinks he's depressed.

Nattie then says she wishes she hadn't thrown the party! Aw, poor Nattie!

5. Nikki Considers Doing the Endorsement Deal Without Brie:

Nikki is spending time with her boyfriend John Cena when she starts talking about the endorsement deal with Brie.

"I just feel really frustrated," Nikki says.

She goes on to say that she's "pissed" at Brie because she doesn't think about how what she does affects Nikki.

"Sometimes I just feel like she wants to live in the middle of nowhere with Brian on a farm, naked, in a bush."

"What's wrong with that?" John asks.

"I mean nothing I guess," Nikki says

"Don't get too bent out of shape over this, you can't blame Brie for wanting to make professional decisions, you can't hold it against her Nicole," John says. "And first of all believe in you. I get that you've always been with your sister, you guys have always been a team, but you can do it by yourself."

Nikki goes on to say, "Maybe John's on to something. Like maybe the company will let me just do the commercial and if I end up not getting it because they want both of us and not just me, that's OK more opportunity will come for me."

6. Eva Marie Makes Up With Paige, Has Heated Conversation With Foxy:

In this episode Eva Marie manages to make up with The Bella Twins, Nattie and even Paige. But it's Alicia Fox who still holds some resentment towards Eva. Watch the clip above to see Eva and Foxy's heated conversation!

Total Divas, Total Divas 503


7. The Divas Visit Total Intensity, Mandy Asks Foxy About Eva:

"So the fellow Divas and I are at Total Intensity today because the WWE and Total Intensity are collaborating together," Paige says. "Our faces are gonna be all over that makeup."

While there, Mandy asks Foxy about Eva Marie.

"Eva had talked a little bit about tag teaming and stuff, like what's your take on that?" Mandy asks.

"Just be careful who you associate yourself with just because it is like a gossipy environment and girls are girls and then she doesn't really know much because she hasn't really been with us in a long time or for long," Foxy says.

Total Divas, Total Divas 503


8. Nattie Apologizes to TJ:

Nattie feels bad after the party, so she decides to apologize to TJ.

"I was trying to do something nice for you by having everybody come over and cheer you up," Nattie says.

She also says that she's "sorry" and that she "didn't mean to tell everyone" that he was sad.

TJ then says he "accepts" her apology and says that if "anything is really, really wrong" he'll let her know.

Season eight of Total Divas premieres fall 2018.

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