There's a new Diva named Mandy in town, and not everyone is excited about it.

In this clip from Tuesday's episode of Total Divas, the VP of Talent Relations, Mark Carrano, gathers the Divas for a "mandatory meeting."

"Our boss Mark Carrano tells us that we have a mandatory meeting," Alicia Fox says. "These meetings are scary because they can either be really good or really bad. They can say, 'Oh you're going to Fashion Week!' Or they can say, 'Oh you're off the road for a year.'"

Mark starts off by talking to the Divas about SummerSlam and then he tells them there's a second announcement.

He then goes out into the hall and brings in Mandy.

"OK, she's our newest WWE Diva!" Mark says. "Does everyone know Mandy?"

All of the Divas are completely surprised but it's Paige's reaction that stands out the most in the video above.

What does she do? Watch the clip to find out!

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