Jason Kempin/Getty Images for Clear Channel

While the "clocks" quickly count down to Chris Martin's first halftime performance during a Super Bowl, the Coldplay frontman is confident in what the band can offer. 

For 20 years, the four men of the British rock group have sold out concerts around the world, crafted seven studio albums and collected seven Grammy Awards in the process. The 38-year-old lead singer asserts they're fully prepared for the next musical milestone. 

"I feel like we sound the way we always wanted to," Martin said during an interview with CBS Sunday Morning. "We feel at peace with what we've done to get here."

However, much like everyone else, the men didn't start out with such a level of self-assurance. 

"Well, I think anybody when you start a band your purpose is to never offend anybody," says Martin. "And you get to a certain level of success and it's apparent that you have offended some people. It took me and I think it took us a while to let that all go."

For the millions of eyes watching them come Feb. 7, Coldplay has moved beyond being concerned with critics. 

"I don't worry about it anymore," he added. "Also, I don't think we could ever be classified as being, you know, classically rock ‘n' roll. So—it's okay."

While most of the details surrounding their upcoming performance have been kept under wraps, we do know what we won't be seeing from the musical superstars. 

"I think if you're looking for the leather pants, cocaine thing, we're probably not going to be the band you want to see," he said.  

With just twelve minutes to present two decades worth of material, rest assured Martin and his bandmates will be able to do their routine with their eyes closed shut—per advice from former halftime performer Bruce Springsteen. 

"He said it's got to be muscle memory," Martin recollected. "You gotta know every note, man." 

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