Coco, Ice-T, Baby Chanel


Introducing our newest celebrity blogger, Coco!

The talk-show host, fitness enthusiast and reality star just welcomed her first child with husband Ice-T. Lucky for us, she's documenting her motherhood journey in several blog posts exclusively for E! News.

Take a look at how the Ice & Coco star is enjoying life with her baby girl, Chanel.

When I hit 37 weeks, I went into my weekly doctor's appointment like normal and the doctor suggested we induce. I was kind of nervous at first because I wanted everything naturally but for several months, everyone around me said if you can, try and get induced. It's pretty much picking a date for it to happen and you are prepared. A lot of women would like that more than just being surprised.

She's fully ready and ready to be born so I said, 'What the hell?' They originally suggested delivering her on Thanksgiving. I thought whatever happens happens and I was putting it in God's hands and they said let's do it the day after because we don't have a full staff on the holiday. I just went with the program.



In the week before I knew I was going to be induced, I did everything possible to look good. I went to wax myself, I went airbrush tanning, I got my hair and nails done. I did everything to look cute because I wanted to take that cute picture of me going to the hospital like it was all good.

I want Chanel to look at this picture and go mommy looked very happy and put together when she walked in the hospital. Not a mom who is out of control with her hair pulled up. I didn't want to look like the normal pregnant lady.

Ice came with me. He was in the room. For all the men out there, he brought his Xbox games and his Xbox. It's so cute! When I was lying down, I took a picture of him playing Xbox. I'm here trying to prepare for Chanel and he's all in his Xbox.

Coco, Baby Chanel


He saw me in pain and suggested I get an epidural. I was thinking of every excuse not to get one too soon and he told me stop being so stubborn. I'm so glad he convinced me because not so much longer after getting that epidural, I thought I was on 100 martinis. That was the best thing on Earth. I am so pro-epidural. How are women not doing this? It was amazing…It took the edge off and I wasn't in pain anymore.

When Chanel came out, I started crying. She was so perfect. You put so much drama into your head for nine months and that moment when you see a full, healthy baby, you say thank god! I was crying.

I tell women two things you need to do during your pregnancy…Pay attention to strengthening your ab muscles because that's how I made my pregnancy so awesome. First of all, I didn't gain a big bump because my muscles were tight. Then, because my abs were so tight in the delivery room, I could push her out faster.

My other thing is do an epidural. I know it won't work for everybody but I had one and it was so helpful.

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