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The biggest mystery of season two of The Flash? Figuring out the identity of Zoom, a.k.a. the ultimate speedster who's been terrorizing Central City. The things we know so far: He's scary, out for Barry Allen and co., wears a creepy black suit, and is seemingly from Earth 2.

But in Tuesday's episode of The Flash, "The Reverse-Flash Returns," we got another clue as to who the supervillain might be—and we could be totally wrong on that whole Earth 2 thing. We all assumed Zoom was from Earth 2 due to the fact that the dude keeps sending metahumans through all the portals to kill Barry. But what if Zoom is from regular Earth, and he just figured out a way to the alternate universe to mess with everyone?

Here's why that could be the case: We've met a couple of Earth 2 doppelgangers already, and a lot of times, they're evil versions of good people we've met on Earth 1 (Linda Park, anyone?). But we haven't met Jay Garrick's Earth 1 doppelganger—until now. And guess what? His name isn't Jay Garrick.

The Flash

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Earth 1 Jay's mother died in childbirth, and baby Jay was adopted by the Zolomon family. Earth 1 Jay's name is Hunter Zolomon—who, in the comics, is none other than ZOOM. (We'll pause for your gasp. Ready to continue?)

Jay was tracking down his doppelganger in an attempt to help cure the disease that's slowly killing him, but the only way to make him better is to get his speed back from Zoom. What if the reason he got sick in the first place has to do with some weird doppelganger thing?

Or, TWIST, another theory: What if Zoom really is Jay Garrick, he's just pretending to be a good guy to throw everyone off his trail? And he's seducing Caitlin in the process and he helps her become Killer Frost? Come on, anything could happen on this bats—t crazy show.

Got any good Zoom theories? Share 'em in the comments below!

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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