The Flash, Zoom


Come on and zoom! Come on and zoom! Come on and zoom, zoom, zooma zoom!

No? Just us?

For some, like Barry Allen (Grant Gustin), the name Zoom brings fear alongside an air of mystery. For us, it just makes us think of the 1999 PBS show Zoom, featuring middle-schoolers doing craft projects and speaking total nonsense. 

As of now, The Flash's Zoom is just a speedy dude (or dudette) in a very scary mask who comes from another universe and wants to become even speedier by killing Earth 1's Flash by sending Earth 2 metahumans after him. However, knowing this show and how it likes to totally emotionally destroy us, we can surmise that the person under that mask is probably someone we know and love, or at least someone who has the face of someone we know and love.

There are a lot of theories, but there can only be one Zoom (or can there?!), so they can't all be correct (or can they?!). Here are the best and the worst theories we've seen so far:

Zoom is Wells…again!

Zoom is Wells. We are Wells. You are Wells. We are all just a bunch of Tom Cavanaghs trying to make it in this world.

Zoom is Wally West

We've barely met him, and we don't care enough about him yet. That could change, but honestly Wally as Zoom would be lame-o at this point.

The Flash, Zoom

Dean Buscher/The CW

Zoom is Caitlin Snow

Caitlin has gone through a whole lot, watching her fiancé die. Twice. We wouldn't be surprised if she were pretty angry, but if she's on her way to villain-hood, we'd prefer to see her become Killer Frost.   

Zoom is Patty Spivot

On one hand, this seemingly perfect girl for Barry did come totally out of nowhere in a way that could make her untrustworthy, but we love her too much for her to be evil. You hear that show? We love her, and she is not allowed to die or be a bad guy.

Zoom is Earth 2 Joe.

Heartwrenching? Yep. Bound to totally emotionally wreck both Barry and Iris? Obviously. Kinda obvious? Uh huh.  

Zoom is Iris' mom.

She arrived out of nowhere and all of a sudden wanted to be back in her daughter's life, perhaps due to having seen a future in which Iris is married to a certain speedster? Hmmmm? 

Zoom is Barry from another timeline.

Some people have theorized that Zoom might be Barry from a timeline in which he didn't get adopted by Joe, or one where the Reverse Flash killed Iris or someone else close to him. The most interesting possibility that goes along with this theory is that Zoom!Barry might already have captured our Barry and is already posing as him, which is a twist we kind of love/hate.

The Flash, Zoom


Zoom is Eddie.

Instead of dying, he got sucked into the speed force and realized how screwed over he had been by all the other speedsters, so he vowed to become the fastest of them all. Wouldn't be that hard for Quantico to let The Flash borrow Rick Cosnett

Zoom is some version of Cisco.

The main evidence for this theory is that Harry already seemed to sort of hate Cisco/Crisco as soon as he arrived on Earth 1, and that The Flash and Zoom's suits are incredibly similar. Crisco created Barry's suit, so either Zoom also has a Crisco, or Zoom just is Crisco and he made his own suit.

Zoom is some version of Barry's dad.

While this could work in a number of ways, one theory suggests that Zoom is the Henry from the timeline in which Barry's in handcuffs that we saw in the speedforce. If Wells/Eobard had never been caught and Barry were accused of killing his mother instead, Henry might have a lot to be angry at speedsters for.

Plus, it was totally weird that Henry was written off so suddenly. If Zoom had already killed the real Henry, it would make more sense for him to take off like that.

Zoom is David from Zoom.  

It's a stretch, sure, given the fact that he has never on The Flash, but just look at these sick moves and tell me this kid didn't make some deal with some sort of evil entity:

Zoom, David GIF


We're television geniuses, clearly. 

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on the CW. 

Who do you think Zoom is? Sound off in the comments! 

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