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We really love fan theories, specifically about Disney movies. They take a beloved family film and turn it into something much deeper and much more complicated. Sometimes, the theories turn the entire movie into a really disturbing situation (lookin' at you, Emperor's New Groove).

Today, we're talking about a theory presented by reddit user kapu_koa regarding Lilo and Nani's origin story in Lilo & Stitch, specifically about who their parents were. After all, it is a Disney movie and obviously the parents are nowhere to be found and assumed tragically deceased. Well, this theory explains what exactly happened to Lilo and Nani's parents and why this "social worker" named Cobra Bubbles is so involved with their life.

Lilo and Stitch, Cobra Bubbles

Basically, the theory is that Lilo and Nani's parents were actually in the CIA and Cobra Bubbles (shown above) was a close friend and coworker, and he promised to look after the kids upon the passing of Lilo's mom and dad. 

The evidence listed by kapu_koa, which is just based on the first movie and not the sequels or TV show, is pretty solid. First of all, doesn't he just look like a badass CIA agent? As for why he's now wrapped up with the kids, that can easily be explained:

"In the movie, when the Galactic Council comes to collect Stitch, the leader mentions she recognized the social worker Cobra Bubbles. He then tells her he was with the CIA at Roswell. Now, we're led to believe a CIA agent who was involved in alien contact just walked away to become a social worker? I think not. Not without a damn good reason."

That damn good reason is so he can look after the family of his deceased partners. It was probably a promise he made before they died. And it's also the reason why he didn't immediately remove Lilo from the house or at least officially intervene, despite all the red flags and obvious chaos of their living arrangement. He isn't there to be a social worker; he's there to watch over them. 


Lilo and Stitch, Cobra Bubbles

And speaking of Lilo, she has a real obsession with taking photos of overweight people on the island, and there's a very important reason why she took up that hobby.

"I think Lilo's father may have brought her on a low risk surveillance assignment there on the island, knowing that no one would look twice at a father and daughter taking pictures together he used her as a cover of sorts. The target was an overweight person, something Lilo distinctly remembers, and now she takes the same pictures as a way of remaining close to her deceased father."

Lilo and Stitch GIF


Finally, the theory would also explain why Lilo has such a wide array of crazy books in her room, like "roadmaps of Iowa, Oyster Farming: Is It For You?, Practical Voodoo, Fire Eating for Fun and Profit." They belonged to her parents because they had to research all their undercover assignments, and Lilo inherited the collection after their death.

Pretty cool, right? We love this theory because it means that Lilo probably grows up to be a CIA agent with Stitch as her animal sidekick. Disney, please make that movie ASAP.

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