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Peter Kramer/NBC, Michael Becker/FOX

Yes, you will be seeing double the Jennifer Lopez if you turn your TV on tonight. The ageless, stunning beauty can be seen in the second night of American Idol's farewell season premiere on Fox, and immediately after in her brand-new cop drama, Shades of Blue, on NBC.

That means three full hours of J.Lo's luminous skin, bright smile, and maybe, if we're lucky, a glimpse at her super-toned abs. (She has to sleep in the plank position, right?) But, if pitted against each other in a Jennifer Lopez vs. Jennifer Lopez battle, who would win?

E! News decided to find out for sure in a hard-hitting investigation of both shows. Below, see which J.Lo would win a Thursday night fight, round by round.

Round No. 1: Job

American Idol: Mentor and judge of budding singing talent, plus all-around fashion inspiration for all.
Shades of Blue: Crooked cop recruited by the FBI to take down the rest of her crew, who are like family to her, especially Ray Liotta. Very Walter White in she's doing some bad things in the name of her family—but starts working with FBI in order to stay with her daughter.

Winner: Idol. Who can deny that sparkling charm? Girlfriend's so nice that even when she denies people a ticket to Hollywood, they still come out loving her.

Shades of Blue, Jennifer Lopez

Jeff Riedel/NBC

Round No. 2: Co-Stars

Idol: Fellow judges Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr., along with ever-present Idol judge Ryan Seacrest.
Shades: This cast is pretty darn good. Liotta is serving some Goodfellas realness and Drea de Matteo brings her tough edge from Sopranos and Sons of Anarchy.

Winner: Shades of Blue, because everyone needs a badass squad. (Sorry, Keith and Harry.)

Round No. 3: Hair/Makeup

Idol: This is full glam J.Lo.
Shades: This is the kind of haircut that Lopez would have if she became a mom in the suburbs instead of a global superstar.

Winner: Idol. No one can ever compare.

Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez, Harry Connick, Jr., Ryan Seacrest, American Idol

Michael Becker/FOX

Round No. 4: Badassery

Idol: Lopez holds her own here against Connick, who sometimes won't shut up and REALLY wants you to know how much he knows about music. But guess what? J.Lo and her multi-album singing career know a thing or two, too.
Shades: Just look at the way she holds a gunshe knows what she's doing and you do NOT want to cross her.

Winner: Shades. Duh.

Ruling: It's a tie! But don't worry, there's a simple yet ultimate tiebreaker: Ratings. Check back in the morning to find out just how many people tuned in to each show, and whether American Idol J.Lo or Shades of Blue J.Lo will be crowned the Jennifer Lopez Thursday Night Battle Winner!

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