Yolanda Foster and David Foster "Both Care Deeply About Each Other" Despite "Very Raw and Very Fresh" Divorce

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star is "holding up" after confirming split from husband of four years

By Samantha Schnurr Dec 02, 2015 9:32 PMTags
Yolanda Foster, David Foster Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Celebrity Fight Night

Despite the shocking confirmation of Yolanda Foster and husband David Foster's decision to divorce, a new source is telling E! News there's no bad feelings between the former lovebirds. 

"There's no big scandal here. They both care deeply about each other and want to take the high road," the source close to the pair told E! News. 

The former supermodel has been suffering from chronic Lyme disease since 2012, a diagnosis that has taken a visible toll on the blond beauty's entire way of life.  

"She's doing fair. She's just trying to work through it," Foster told E! News over the summer. "You know, it's been a tough battle, but she's a fighter. She's got big balls," he continued. "They're temporarily cut off, but they'll be back."

While the record executive was supportive of his partner of nine years, her health battle combined with his demanding profession has had a clear effect on their union. 

"Yolanda's been very honest about what she's been going through with her illness," the source added. "It's been a lot and his career is insane. Put together, it's just exhausting."

"While they may have been doing their own things for quite some time, the decision to split was recent," the source shared. "It's very raw and very fresh and there's a lot of sadness."

Since releasing a joint statement to E! News confirming their split, the 51-year-old Dutch-American and 66-year-old songwriter are trying to prevent the rumor mill from churning. 

"They put the statement out to keep people from speculating and saying things that weren't true about the marriage," the source added. 


While the divorce has been looming, many of Yolanda's peers, including co-star Kyle Richards, are still surprised. 

"So far, most [Real Housewives of Beverly Hills] people seem to be in complete shock. Yolanda did not let her cast mates know this was coming," a second source told E! News. 

Despite the pair's shocking separation, another source previously revealed to E! that the mom of three was head over heels for her former husband. 

"Yolanda was absolutely in love with him and always talking about how proud she is of him."

Yolanda echoed her love in a tweet posted Tuesday, saying "We've grown apart but my love & respect for @officialdfoster is still the same, he's been very good 2 me so pls don't judge our journey!"

"They want to walk away from this with love," the source added. 

—Reporting by Beth Sobol