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Introducing our newest celebrity blogger, Coco!

The talk-show host, fitness enthusiast and reality star is gearing up to welcome her first child with husband Ice-T. Lucky for us, she's documenting her journey to motherhood in several blog posts exclusively for E! News.

As she prepares for the birth of her baby girl named Chanel, take a look at how the Ice & Coco star is preparing for her growing family.

Up until around 27 weeks, nobody was seeing a bump of any kind and it was really frustrating me because people were saying I was using a surrogate or I wasn't really pregnant, I'm buying a baby, etc. The only way you could physically see my bump was to get kind of halfway naked and to see it from the side angle.

Even 8 months along, if I'm wearing a baggy shirt, you could never tell I was pregnant. It has to be a certain angle. So I thought wearing a swimsuit would show people that I am pregnant.

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I actually took the pictures down from my Facebook because I didn't want to get negative vibes or results from the pictures. I was not embarrassed of the pictures. It was more so I want the focus to be on Chanel and not me. That was the only reason.

This is all about her being healthy and it's not about me because that would be very selfish of me. My whole thought process was if I show my entire stomach, you can see my bump.

People know my body so well and they know my waist is so small. If I got into a bikini, you could see a pregnant tummy there. I just wanted to prove a point but at the same time, I'm not here to prove a point. I'm pregnant and you're going to see this bump one day or another.

We have a little plan for when our baby girl is born. We have a guest room that we use for family and friends that we're going to turn into Chanel's room.

We figure for that first year or so, Chanel is going to be in our bedroom. We're kind of preparing for the bassinet and everything close in hand because I'm going to be breastfeeding and it's not something I want to get up in the middle of the night and keep going back and forth to her crib.

I want her to be close to me and bond with me for the first year at least and then I'm going to take the guest room into her room. Talking about Chanel really is so exciting to me. I'm counting down!

Watch the couple's dynamic and journey to parenthood on their talk-show Ice & Coco airing weekdays in New York on PIX11, and on The CW stations in Houston, Miami and Norfolk.

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