Brace yourselves—Ellen DeGeneres is about to get misty-eyed.

We've seen her laugh, we've seen her dance, and now we're seeing the famed Emmy-winning talk show host cry in celebration of her 2,000 episode hosting The Ellen DeGeneres Show. 

For more than a decade and 13 seasons, the 57-year-old trailblazing comedian has danced on our television screens in arguably her best Hollywood venture to date. In commemoration of the hallmark occasion, DeGeneres took the stage again in Thursday's episode for an opening monologue packed with an even greater punch.   

"It is our 2,000th show today! That's right. Congratulations to me, huh?" she began. "Well, it's hard to believe it's our 2,00th show. It feels like just yesterday I walked out here excited to start this show, all bright eyed and bushy tailed... I'll tell you something, if someone had told me I was gonna make 2,000 shows, first of all, I would've asked for a lot more money, but...I would have said, 'You're crazy.' Two thousand is a lot."

The Finding Dory actress—and the self-titled show—have both come a long way since she first took the stage in 2003. 

"There have been, in 2,000 shows, 859,200 people in my audience. You're my favorite 400. though. Don't tell anybody. I don't want to make the others feel bad," she said. "We've had 8,302 guests and 1,145 bands and together they've gone through 4 million barrels of whiskey. I'll tell ya that."

If that's not impressive enough, it turns out her now staple morning jigs have really built up.  

"I've danced 136 miles, which is the length of five marathons, but I go up steps, so that's like 10 marathons. No wonder I have the legs of a goddess," she said modestly. "It's a shame you don't see them."

While DeGeneres looked like she was in control, she actually had no idea who was about to join her on the couch—and the continuous surprises caught her so off guard, she was brought to tears.

First up, Jennifer Aniston made her grand entrance toting a gift for her long-time friend—a welcome mat. The Mother's Day actress jogged everyone's memory when she remembered the time she brought DeGeneres the same rug 12 years ago during the show's first episode. 

The excitement didn't end there. Moments later, Aniston prefaced the next guest by saying she wanted to bring some sexy back, so out came the Grammy-winning Justin Timberlake. While the trio enjoyed some candid banter, both celebrities were mostly relieved they were able to pull off the surprise. Unbeknownst to DeGeneres, she would be getting one more visit from another celebrity friend, Kerry Washington, who ended up gifting her with a custom pair of Olivia Pope wine glasses especially for the momentous occasion. 

However, probably the most touching gift of all came from Peter Roth, president and chief content officer of Warner Bros. Television Group. 

"Ellen, for only the fourth time in the 90-year history of Warner Bros. and in recognition of this the 2,000th show, I am so pleased and so personally privileged to be able to officially dedicate Stage 1 which forever more will be now known as 'The Ellen Stage,'" he said when he visited the set carrying a special plaque honoring the new stage title. 

This touched the comedian so greatly, she needed a tissue to mop up her tears.

"Honestly, on behalf of all of us, you're a treasure. You're a national treasure and now a Warner Bros. treasure."

We couldn't agree more. Congratulations, Ellen!

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