We've been having a lot of emotional car rides while listening to Adele's new song "Hello" on the radio recently.

The song's about heartbreak. The video's shot in sepia. It's designed to make you feel things.

While Vine has been enjoying the new ballad, one of our favorite reactions to "Hello" has to be this toddler's precious (and very sincere) response to its lyrics.

The video, which was shared by Abdel-Nasser Hijaz, shows that Adele music doesn't always have to prompt the breakup blues.

Jalal sits next to his dad, Wael, as he hears the song's first lyric: "Hello."

Naturally, he does what any little kid learning to have a conversation does when you hear a greeting, and says "hi" right back.

To anyone going too far down relationship memory lane while listening to Adele's music, this is the perfect thing to snap you back to reality.

Who can cry about exes past when a baby adorably mugs for the camera like that?

Speaking of Adele's musical comeback, watch the video below to find out who inspired the Grammy-winning singer to hit the studio again.

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