The Internet Is Having Way Too Much Fun Making Vines Featuring Adele's "Hello"

Grammy-winner's new single is ripe fodder for social media

By Jenna Mullins Oct 23, 2015 10:41 PMTags
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The question isn't if you've heard Adele's new single "Hello" yet. The question is: How many times have you listened to it? Is it more or less than 50? If you are under 50, then get on our level because Adele needs your 24/7 attention!

Eventually, you'll get your breath back after the sheer force of Adele's powerful voice knocks the wind right out of you, and you can enjoy these Vines that feature "Hello." Basically, the Internet is having way too much fun playing around with the phone call, the lyrics and just the fact that Adele is back and single-handedly saving the music industry. And thus, she is saving us all.

Here are our favorite Vines featuring Adele's already-iconic number one hit single. Spoiler alert: Lionel Richie is definitely involved:

1. Old school commercial throwback:

2. Sorry, Drake "Hotline Bling" memes. Adele is here to take over:

3. Pay attention, cat!

4. Sometimes it's just too much:

6. God be like, "new phone, who dis?"

7. Adele is coming to snatch the wigs off your faves:

8. Basically everyone when listening to "Hello" today:

9. More wig-snatching:

10. Stop calling us, Liam:

11. This cat is clearly heartbroken:

12. This song was made for a good shower cry:

13. Who can stay calm at a time like this?!

14. Do flip phones only call other flip phones now?

15. Every other artist reacted the same way upon hearing the beauty of Adele's voice:

16. Same, Matthew McConaughey. Same:

17. Who is Adele calling?

18. She would not last long at a pizza joint:

19. Finally, she calls Drake back: 

20. You can't escape it:

21. And of course, Lionel:

Thank you, Adele. You have blessed us with new music and a new meme all at once. And for that, we are forever in your debt.

Adele's new album 25 doesn't come out tomorrow so do you really care what the release date is? Fine, it's Nov. 20.