The 10 Pics to Take With Your Starbucks Red Cup

It's basically the holidays already, right?
By Julia Hays Nov 02, 2015 5:29 PMTags

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It's that magical time of the year, people.

Starbucks has debuted their festive red cups to gear up for the holiday season, and the Internet is rejoicing.

It's time for filtered Instagram pics of you snuggled up in a scarf, clutching your steaming Peppermint Mocha, and looking out a frosted-covered window while reflecting on your year's warmest memories as seasonal tunes play softly in the background and your family gathers 'round the fireplace to bask in...

OK, it's the first week of November. Too much, too soon.

The point is: We'll take any little sign of the season as cause to celebrate.

Red cups mean delicious limited run drinks and a new, cute prop for choice selfies.

Step aside, pumpkins and Halloween candy. Today we're artfully conducting a photo shoot of our coffee cups so people know what day it is.

Need a pic idea for your social media game? Here are a few of the surefire hits that scream "I like coffee, and I know how to Instagram."

There's the "check out my fall outfit while I'm casually sipping coffee" pic:

The "I'm a mysterious handsome man who shares your love for seasonal beverages" pic:

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The "hey I'm drinking coffee and happen to be somewhere awesome" pic:

The "in case you don't like coffee, you should at least like cute pups" pic:

The "I wanted to show you my purse, and here's some coffee too" pic:

The "my mani game is on point, and also I happen to enjoy coffee" pic:

The "let's make it Instagram official, because this is true love" pic:

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The "I knew what I was doing when I chose this outfit" pic:

The "I have a super busy day ahead, but also please note this boss coffee set up" pic:

The "OK, I'm going full-on Christmas because of this hot beverage" pic:

As for what's in the cup, that's up to you. Starbucks' holiday staples are back again this year, and a new seasonal drink, the Holiday Spiced Flat White, drops Nov. 30—which means you'll have another thing to Instagram later this month.