Hot Chocolate M&Ms


Throw all your pumpkin spice-flavored things in the garbage, because it's time for minty winter snacks.

Now that candy companies and coffee shops control the changing of the seasons, they're ushering in a new one with Mars' three new M&M's flavors, based on your favorite seasonal beverages.

The cool weather candies are: White Peppermint, Hot Chocolate, and Cafe Mocha M&Ms, as reported by People.

(We'll never forget you, Pumpkin Spice Latte M&Ms!)

'Tis the season for dropping Hot Chocolate M&Ms into your actual hot chocolate while thinking: "This is exactly what I imagined my adult life would be."

The limited edition treats are available starting this week at stores like Walmart and Target.

Warning: Consuming holiday candies may make you feel joyous and want to stream Christmas carols on your Spotify while making paper snowflakes and wondering how soon is "too soon" to start marathon-watching Home Alone.

We're not saying that's a bad thingjust that it's inevitable.

Speaking of guilty pleasure snacks, watch Snooki explain why she thinks junk food caused her crazy behavior on Jersey Shore...

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