Adele's "Hello" might be a record-breaking hit, but there was no stopping the Vines and parodies that quickly followed after the music video was released.

While some might say Lionel Richie's response was the best, we have to give major kudos to James Corden and Billy Eichner for their parody, "A Lonely Halloween." The Late Late Show host and the Billy on the Street host got together Thursday to premiere their music video for their sad song.

Having gone trick-or-treating together for years, Corden called Eichner to see if he wanted to participate in their annual tradition. Sadly, Eichner told him no.

"I just thought it was something that we'd always do together," Corden said. "Chewbacca needs his Han Solo."

Sadly for the late-night talk show host, Eichner decided to hang out with his family instead, dressed as a cow. Cue the ballad.

"Halloween, it's me," Corden begins to sing.

"I'm too grown up these days for costumes / and I ain't doing sweets," Eichner continued to sing to the tune of Adele's hit.

James Corden, Billy Eichner


The music video showed footage of the dynamic duo trick-or-treating in years past, taking candy from everyone who would give it out. But their partnership didn't stop there. The funnymen would also participated in Mischief Night activities.

"We'd walk around the neighborhood with whipped cream and TP," Corden sang, before launching into the powerhouse chorus.

"Halloween from the other side," they sang together. "We were closer than Mike and Ike."

The heartbreak is too real. Filmed in sepia à la the British singer's video, Corden looked distraught as he realized he'll be alone this year...or will he?

Watch the hilarious video above to see how this Halloween tale ends.

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