From American Horror Story to Ren and Stimpy: 10 Incredibly Gross TV Moments

From gruesome deaths to shocking reveals, these moments totally grossed us out

By Chris Harnick Oct 28, 2015 6:00 PMTags
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Zombies. Vampires. Sex maniacs. Serial killers. We live in a world where some pretty gross stuff regularly dominates TV, especially as Halloween rolls around. Who can out bloody mess who? It's getting harder these days, but there are still plenty of moments that have totally grossed us out, some more recent than others, and some so strangely and specifically gross they have lingered in our consciousness.

From The Simpsons to American Horror Story, these are 10 grossest moments to hit our TV screens. You may now scroll through with one hand over your eyes.

The Simpsons
Sure it's a cartoon, and yes, grosser things have happened on a cartoon, but there's something so disgusting in the way the crust forms over Homer's eyes after he has Lasik. The noise. The way it's drawn. It's just so, for lack of a better word, gross.

When you're a show about one of the most famous cannibals in all of pop culture with Bryan Fuller at the helm, you knew things were going to get upsetting. Did anything ever top Mason Verger (Michael Pitt) feeding pieces of his own face to a dog and then eating his own face? Sorry, just need a minute here…

Ren & Stimpy
Your favorite (usually inappropriate) Nickelodeon cartoon featured many eyebrow-raising moments, but there's nothing so twisted as Ren's rotting teeth, followed by the scene in which he pulled out each of his nerve endings with a tweezers. Is your skin crawling yet?

American Horror Story: Hotel
On the topic of teeth, Sarah Paulson basically doing the same thing as Ren (minus the nerve endings) really unnerved us. Pun intended!


Grey's Anatomy
Medical dramas are ripe with unsettling imagery, but how about that tumor from season one's "If Tomorrow Never Comes"? In case it's not burned into your brain, here you go.

American Horror Story: Freak Show
You knew the reveal of Twisty's face was going to be bad. Did you know it was going to be this bad? Side note: Why are all these mouth things freaking us out? Is there somebody out there that wants to leave a psychoanalysis of us in the comments?

The Walking Dead
Remember that time Rick Grimes killed a guy by ripping his throat out with his own teeth? How could you forget.


Game of Thrones
The HBO drama is no stranger to horrifying us, be it with sex scenes or bloody weddings, but there is something that is just, well, gross about the way Mountain ended the fight with Oberyn. Could it be the whole smushing his head thing? Yes, that is it.


Scream Queens
On the topic of gross head moments, do you recall that scene in the Scream Queens premiere when Emma Roberts' Chanel puts Mrs. Bean's face in the deep fryer, frying the poor woman's face off. We swore off French fries for a solid 3 hours after that.

Penny Dreadful
Poor Proteus. Ripped in half for all the world to see. And never unsee.

Has a moment on TV ever completely grossed you out? Let us know!

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