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Put down your baking sheets and step away from the laptop.

Now that we're in the full swing of Halloween season, people everywhere are flocking to their Pinterest accounts to feed their spooky DIY cravings. A fake crime scene in the bathroom! Glistening candied apples! A pumpkin replica of  Kim Kardashians Paper Magazine cover!

There's an endless array of opportunities when it comes to preparing for the weird occasion, particularly when a costume party is involved. Still, not every creepy, crawly project can go off without a hitch, especially when it comes to the torrid love-hate relationship most people experience with the infamous DIY site. After all, not every one one of our dreams of perfectly painted candy corn pumpkins can come true. 

Here are the best of Instagram's Halloween Pinterest fails to boost your spirits for when you're Frankenstein rice krispie treats come out looking like disappointing green goo.  

1. A New Take on Candy Corn Cookies

A photo posted by Megan (@a_otay) on

At least the colors are right. 


2. A Hungover Pumpkin

A photo posted by stayfocused5 (@stayfocused5) on

This fail is so bad, we might start gagging. 


3. Tie-Dye Bats

A photo posted by jilliandiane (@jilliandiane) on

These may have been better suited for a 1970s themed disco soirée. 


4. A Withered Bouquet of Apple Roses

You may want to reconsider offering these to your date on All Hallow's Eve. 


5. A Rough Pumpkin Patch 

A photo posted by Rebecca Scott (@rebecscott) on

Is a squirrel burrowing inside there? Has a clan of baby birds taken up residence beneath? 


6. Candy Apples in Need of Some Disinfectant

A photo posted by Meowlissa (@melissamoo) on

We might need some Lysol wipes before we go bobbing for these apples.


7. A Clan of Cranky Krispy Treats

A photo posted by Jess Burry (@jessburry) on

If we looked like them, we'd be grumpy too. 


8. A Disco-Dancing Werewolf

Maybe if we look at it from far away—and squint our eyes.


9.  Creepy Crawly Cookies

A photo posted by @oddsmom on

These are certainly giving us the heebie-jeebies, just not for the right reasons. 


10. The Cookies Have Eyes

A photo posted by ?LL? (@ellerobbe) on

That's one way to look at baking. 


11. Modern Pumpkin Art

A photo posted by Gabbi Moore (@gab_moore) on

It's called ~interpretive~ pumpkin painting. 


12. In Desperate Need of a Manicure

A photo posted by Michelle (@michellelaw12) on

These nails are in need of a buff and trim stat. 


13. Sah Ah!

A photo posted by Amy McConnell (@hpamy) on

These vampires are in desperate need of a teeth cleaning. 


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